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Where’s Your Self-Worth At?

Where’s your self-worth at? Do you feel that you are worthy to have it all? Or do you believe you have to sacrifice, or give up on something, because you can’t have it all? May be you have given up

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How To Be Happy!

On my journey I have met many people, and have been speaking with many people who are unhappy. Some are in the throes of breaking up, separating, unhappy in their jobs, and they are all sad, confused, overwhelmed and unhappy.

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Emergency Kit – 7 Tips – Breakthrough To Happiness

You are through the Terror Barrier, and everything is going along nicely. There’s the odd bump  in the road, which is natural, and you do slip off the path every now and again. These bumps are showing you things,  to help

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What is.. The Terror Barrier?

As you journey down the path towards your goal, dream or desires, and you have gone through all the different emotions that have arisen, as you stepped out of your comfort zone. Everything is going along smoothly and then you

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