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Change – How to Embrace It

This week’s newsletter is about when we say yes to change how this can affect us on several levels which can include beliefs. I share an example of my own story about a belief with a gift I have.  When

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What Do You Need Less Of?

Reading an article recently about What do you need less of in your business, I thought you can relate that to life. What do you need less of in your life? Many people today have a lot of pressure on

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LOA – How Does It Really Work?

This week’s newsletter is about Law of Attraction and how it works. Many people have heard of it with the movie The Secret being released a few years back and also the book. Since then Rhonda Byrne has written other

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Power of Gratitude

 I speak of gratitude, and I know in the past I have spoken about gratitude,   however over the week, the title the Power of Gratitude kept coming to me, gratitude for me has become a major part of my life.

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