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“How To Feel Joyful”!

A tip that can uplift you and leaving you feeling joyful. I was inspired to write this tip, because I had been looking at a list, I first created in August 2015 on my phone, of all the things I

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“How Do You Cope With Disappointment?”

As you go through life, many things can happen on your journey. Some of the events that happen, you may experience disappointment regarding them. “How do you cope with the feeling of being disappointed? “Have you been looking forward to an

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‘Two Words’ – That Can Create or Sabotage Your Life!

This is a reminder about our language, and how our words can undo all our good intentions, and how one affirmation can either create or sabotage your life. So, what do I mean about language? I am speaking about your

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Pick Me Up

What happens when  you have your lows which can creep up on you, or it may happen quick and fast? However when this happens, you often forget how to get yourself out of it, even though you know what to

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