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Pivoting! What Does it Mean?

This is about pivoting, and “how it can help you?“. Pivoting  is when you move yourself from a negative thought towards a positive one. You are feeling and thinking negatively, to get to a positive feeling thought,  is one small step.

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What Are Your Goals?

“What are your goals, intentions, for this Year? “Have you set some goals already? What would you like to see happen this year? ” Have you written your goals out? Have you even got started yet?” If not, make a

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How Worthy Do You Feel?

Over the last few months, many people have spoken to me, regarding negative emotions and feelings surfacing within them. They feel confused, and can’t understand why?  This is what I shared. You are all on a path of growth, and

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5 Steps – When You Receive Unsettling News

When you receive unsettling news, how do you navigate your way the shock.   Life is sailing along beautifully, you are feeling great, wonderful things are happening in your life, you are at peace, joyful, and happy. Then you receive

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Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone!

I put the question to the Universe “What am I to write?” A few hours later, upon opening my emails, I found this message from Neale Donald Walsch  –  “On this day of your life Dear Friend I believe God wants

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Do You Know the Signs?

Do you know what the signs are, when your Angels, or Guides are attempting to communicate with you?  I share 10 ways they may choose to get your attention.     Have you ever been thinking of someone, or someone mentions a

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