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Compassion – Self-Love

I¬†was guided to talk about self-love and compassion. It is important to learn understand and embrace compassion and self-love. Believe it or not, it does play a large part in your lives, more than you realize. It’s also important to

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How Do You Sabotage Yourself?

As you start the journey of exploring the Universal Laws, I like to ask “Do you Believe in Yourself?” and “How do You Sabotage Yourself?” Plus I would like to remind you of these sayings from last week. “Thoughts Become

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What’s Your Desire?

This week I will talk about the Universal Laws. Everyone refers to Law of Attraction, however, that is only one of the Universal Laws. There are 7 Essential Law that we use, and there are more. I know Bob Proctor

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Thoughts Are Things! What Are You Thinking?

I know you haven’t heard from me on regular basis lately. Life for me is changing, and as time goes on, you may notice the newsletters may have a different theme. My own intuition, wisdom and inner guidance has increased

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