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Don’t Live With Regrets!

Don’t live with regrets, or worse still at the end of your life you wished you had done more. I was reminded of Bronnie Ware, who was an Australian nurse and worked in palliative care many years. I first heard

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Worry You Get To Choose

Recently I was reading  about worry, and they gave an example which was related to real life situation, I felt it really highlighted the Law of Polarity. I thought most people would be able appreciate and grasp the example given

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The Monarch Butterfly

Many of you know the Monarch Butterfly means a lot to me. Whenever I see one it’s like The Universe is confirming that I am on the right path or heading in the right direction.   This year behind the

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The Rainbow

When people see rainbows they make you smile, many feel the joy, hope, happiness, love, good things, luck, magic, miracles, because usually a rainbow shows itself on dull or showery day.   By seeing the rainbow it lifts your spirits,

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