What If ?

man frutrationLast week I spoke about having Balance in your life? How many thought “balance in my life!”

 “I have so much work to do!” I don’t have time for balance!” “I have a family who wants my attention every minute of the day! Who want me to run them here, there and everywhere”.  I work fulltime, and have a family to take care of”. “I have mortgage to pay”  “There is no time for me.!” “Get balance in my life? Are you crazy? I don’t have time! People don’t understand the pressures I am under”

What if  – I said “I do understand the feeling of frustration, overwhelm, helplessness, and despair”

  What if  – I told you that “I had a mortgage which felt like a noose around my neck, and I felt stuck in job to pay for the mortgage.

I had no life.”

What if – I said “I had a new boss who came into the company, he made my life hell, and one day he went too far”. What if – I said “enough is enough!”fresh start you cant start a new chapter if you keep re reading

That is when I decided to sell my home, quit my job, and leave the area. I had no idea what I would do. The very act of listing my property with another company, actually created an opportunity of work for me. I chose not to take it and leave the area.

When I chose to sell my home, I had the intention of the ideal person in mind for my home. Someone who would love it, and love living there. That is exactly what I got.

The very first day I started looking for a place to rent, we found one. We hadn’t seen it on the net, it wasn’t on our list that we had picked up from agencies. The agent showing us rentals happened to say I have another one it is a bit dearer. She dropped $10 we went up $10 and it was the perfect home and location.

People were amazed when I said we found something on the first day, they couldn’t believe it. I had an intention of finding something,. I had no doubts, or fears, I just knew we would find something. We did!

Since that time of quitting my job, selling my home, and leaving the area that was home to me. I have had many opportunities open up for me. I was using and still do use the law of attraction, gratitude, and a positive attitude. People notice a change in me. Comments were made whatever you are doing keep doing it.happiness is a journey not a place

What happens, you get stuck in the same energy as the problem. You can’t see a way out, and you only see obstacles, blocks, walls, and other problems. If you can step away from the situation, and become an observer, and ask positive questions like. “What is required here?” “What is the best possibility that could happen”? “How can I change this?”

By asking positive questions and then allowing  the answers come to you.  This shifts your perspective, it shifts the energy, you feel that something is happening, and you often feel more positive.  Don’t try and find the answers, allow them to flow to you. They may come in the form of an idea, thought,  or you get an idea to go and see a particular person, or see something in a book. Be open and aware of what opportunities that come your way.

You may be surprised what shows up for you. Don’t try and find the answers yourself, ask the questions then allow the answers to flow. They may come straight away, or they may come in a few days. This is how I live my life now, using the law of attraction, putting out positive intentions, being grateful, and many wonderful things open up for me. Life does feel magical.the purpose of our lives is to be happy

“Where are you at?” “Are you thinking is this possible, will it work for me?” “Or do you feel you would really like to discuss things with someone, who will listen to you? Do you have that feeling that no one listens to you, or you are not heard?” “Or do you wish you had someone to unload to? That would be like a sounding board for you. So you are able to get all those thoughts out of your head and get clarity.?”

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your wish has just come true.

I am offering a gift of 30 minutes of my time over the phone or Skype, to help you get started on what you are wanting in life.

When opportunities come your way, you have to take action – email me now at rosemary@truepurpose.co.nz  to receive your gift of hope, clarity and guidance in what you want in life.

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