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quote go with flow let worries goWhat happens when  you have your lows which can creep up on you, or it may happen quick and fast? However when this happens, you often forget how to get yourself out of it, even though you know what to do.What I suggest is having a list of quick pick me ups, which you can go to immediately and is easy to access.

I found due to a long weekend off I had found myself a little low in energy. I found myself slowing down, had a feeling of sadness and disappointment surfacing. To top it off there was a power cut on the last day, which lasted for 6 hours. I hadn’t received the notice advising the schedule power cut was happening. I felt frustrated, and feeling disappointment that I hadn’t boiled the jug. I couldn’t use my laptop because the battery was low. I couldn’t do a lot of things because everything required power.

I made the decision to go to a local café and found myself sitting on their deck, enjoying the sun, enjoying the view of the ocean which was absolute beautiful. Plus, enjoying a nice cup of coffee. I found myself relaxing and coming back into balance. As I was sitting enjoying the sun, the view, bringing myself back into balance, and feeling life was good.  I realized that I had done some of my quick pick me ups.  Through enjoying this beautiful day, the sun, the view, and I really felt on top of the world. I was inspired to help those of you when you hit your lows, and those time you can’t remember what to do to pick yourself up. Here is an example of what I have for my pickups. What this list does, you can do all of them, or just one or two. Or whatever one feels right at the time. To help you create your list, I have shared quick fix pick me ups, that you can do in a few moments. I suggest putting on the fridge, or somewhere where you can see readily.

  1. Time out with a coffee
  2. Listening to music
  3. Going for a walk on the beach or in nature
  4. Reading a good book
  5. Sitting in the sun enjoying a good book, magazine, or a hot drink.
  6. Ring a friend
  7. Connecting with friends
  8. Giving myself a hug and telling myself I love you.quote go with flow river life

Why don’t you take some time out now, and create a list of things you enjoy, that make you happy, ready for those times that you find yourself stuck at low tide, and can’t remember how to flow back into shore. In life there is the high and the lows. You see this with the ocean high and low tide. Its natural for us to experience the highs and lows in our lives. However, its knowing how to get out of the lows. Instead of staying stuck at low tide, knowing how to flow back into good feelings. This is what the pick me up list is all about.

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