A Message relating to Pets, Crystals, Energy

This week I was inspired to share a reading I received 5 years ago.

After reading the message I felt it was good time to share it again. As it is still relevant now,  because the consciousness and energy has shifted. Many are awakening and becoming more aware of spirit, feeling energies, sensing things, or hearing  whispers or a message, or listening to their intuition.



Throughout the message, I was guided to share everyday experiences, to help you understand things in a everyday context. The message is in italics this is to help you.




This message was inspired by my salt lamp, and within this salt lamp I have seen a beautiful entity, she is a beautiful lady. Over the years I have seen two other entities, a child and a male.



I do see many entities within in crystals.  I have actually channelled messages from  photos of crystals, that have been sent to me from people wanting a reading from their favourite crystal.   (if you would like a message from your crystal, I still do them contact me)


Many people  feel that plants, rocks, crystals, salt lamps  are objects, and many people don’t believe or realize  that plants, rocks, crystals do have energies or a consciousness of their own. 



You may have heard of the experiment with 3 plants. I think a class of students did the experiment, I am not sure.


  • One plant  was showered with love, nurtured, watered, spoken to with love.
  • 2nd plant was not looked after very well, spoken to  with hate, anger and negativity.
  • 3rd plant was watered, however, it was given no extra care, and wasn’t talked to


  • First plant blossomed, bloomed and grew magnificently
  • Second plant  curled up and died
  • Third plant – took a long time  to start growing, and grew  slowly,



If you hold a crystal for instance in your hand.


  • When you first pick it  up it may feel quite cold.
  • After holding it, or having it in your pocket, it may become very warm to hot
  • This means its working with you, or could be giving you energy.
  • Or you may notice you have been inspired to do something, or got a thought or idea to do something.
  • They work with us in many different ways, feelings, thoughts, gut feeling, intuition, inspired thoughts.
  • Or someone contacting you with an idea or answer you looking for.
  •  Or seeing something or hearing a song that may have answers for.
  • Be open to what comes, and listen to your intuition on what you receive.



Same goes with your pets. People who own a cat or dog, they see their pets have their own personalities. Your pets sense or know when you are sad, or lonely, they come to you. They may want to curl up in your lap, or lick your hand, or rub around your legs; they show you affection in their way. 




You may feel irritated by their actions at the time, however they are showing you unconditional love, its their way in comforting you, and giving you that love you are longing for.


  • Next time you are sad, or feeling down, take a moment to observe what your pet is doing.
  • If your cat or dog wants to sit by you, or hop on your lap, let it, and see how it can soothe you.
  • Even stroking your pet, you are soothing your own feelings,
  • You start feeling calmer, and coming to a place where you  feel peaceful, calmer, and your perspective  can be shifted away from the blues.
  • You may even notice you are feeling contented and happier.


If your dog or cat is in a playful mood and wants to play, play with it. It’s okay to be like a child and let your inner child play. So many adults are so serious, they have forgotten what it’s like to get down to the children’s levels and laugh,  play rough and tumble. You can do this with your pets, even your children. Allow your inner child to come out and play, and you will find you are in much happier place.


When taking your dog for a walk, take time to enjoy your dog, don’t feel an obligation, enjoy your surroundings, the antics your dog gets up to, appreciate your surroundings and your dog’s company.



I had an experience yesterday, they are  preparing the section behind me to build a house. They have this big mound of dirt, its actually a small hill at present. One of the contractors has a dog with them. This dog would run up this mound of dirt, and sit there as if it was the king of the castle. Observing what was happening around it. It was quite amusing watching it. Sometimes the dog would be  standing looking around  or sitting surveying everything, or going down the hill, then bouncing back up to sit and watch. It was having fun. It brought me joy watching him.


The message is understanding that everything has a consciousness, even rocks, crystals, animals, etc. Remember the craze years ago, of pet rocks, and  many to this day still have a pet rock.  Many of the pet rocks are painted  with faces painted on them or other images.


  • Why do you think that craze was started?
  • Next time you are sitting quietly, and are in meditative mood,
  • If you have a pet rock  or favourite crystal,
  • why not sit with your rock or your crystal, and
  • see if you can sense a feeling, energy, sensation, and be mindful of what thoughts may pass through your mind.

It may take a few times,  as the pet rock or crystal may have shut down, because it felt no one loved it.


  • Who gave you your pet rock or Crystal?
  • What was the significance of it coming into your life?
  • Remember that time when  it came into your life,
  • You may be able to reflect back to those memories, in your meditative state,
  •  and recall why and observe what you felt at the time.

Many people have salt lamps in their homes, or plugged into their computers to help with the electromagnetic,  and the pollution that comes from our TV’S computers, laptops etc.




Salt lamps come in many shapes and sizes. However, when purchasing  your salt lamp you probably looked at many  different shapes and sizes,  and you took your time in choosing one. Or you felt drawn to one and you felt that was the one for you.

That is what happened to me  a few years ago, when I was buying another salt lamp for my office. I knew I was looking for a special lamp, plus I also had the feeling I would see an animal in it. I saw this smaller salt lamp, and yes, there was a dog in it. When I saw the outline of a dog in the salt lamp I knew that was the one for me.


Crystals, Salt Lamps, rocks, pets, communicate  to us in many different ways, and often you think its your imagination.


  • Next time, Stop,
  • Observe when you think it’s your imagination.
  • You may discover you are getting some support, help or an idea.
  • Take off the cloak of adulthood,
  • Let the real you come to the fore.
  • Allow your pets and nature to nurture you.
  • It’s okay to feel like a kid at times and play with your pets.
  • The people who have pets in their lives often feel happier.

They feel the love for their pet, and know how their pet loves them back, especially when you arrive home after being away, they are overjoyed at seeing you.

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