This week, I am sharing a tool to help you get back into the vibration of joy and happiness.  By experiencing joy, happiness, love, and bliss, these are the vibrational frequencies that is required to start manifesting things into your lives.

Quite often you are in these vibrations, of joy, happiness, love, bliss, and you are having inspired thoughts, taking inspired actions. You feel great, and more good things are happening to you.

Then something negative happens, or someone makes a comment, and you suddenly find yourself in doubt, upset, and find you’re telling a negative story. You have just been kicked out of that bubble of feeling good.

If you are aware when you have been kicked out of that bubble, it is a lot easier to start putting yourself back into that vibration. The sooner you start getting back into those joyful feelings, you are able to look with more clarity and perspective.

However, if you think “oh this is not so bad, I will be okay“, before long you find yourself on the train of thought heading to Negativille.

The tool I am sharing, helps move you back into the frequency and vibration of joy, happiness, love, and bliss.

I have spoken in the past,  about being in  gratitude for everything in your life, and every night recording what you have been grateful for that day, starting off with “I am so happy and grateful…..”

From gratitude you move into the feeling and experiencing of appreciation. Appreciating everything in your life.

Rampage of Appreciation:

Look around you, look at nature and see what beauty nature gives you. It doesn’t matter what the season is, nature gives you so much to be appreciative of.

  • In Spring, the beautiful flowers, the new growth, the new leaves budding on the branches.
  • Summer the lovely flowers, the warm days, and enjoying swimming in the lakes, ocean, rivers, or pool.
  • Autumn the beautiful rich colours of the changing leaves, and the falling leaves, and the carpets of gold they can create.
  • Winter has beauty of its own as well. The bareness of the branches, the lovely winter flowers. Nature is one thing to focus your attention on.
  • Rain drops which can create beautiful rainbows, after the rain and sun comes out. Or the rainbows created by crystals, and sunlight.

However, you can also do rampage of appreciation with your home, your family, your pets, paintings, ornaments, there is so much you can be appreciative for in your life.  By focusing on whatever you choose, and appreciating all the lovely things you see.

  • What you love about it?
  •  How useful it is to you?
  •  How it helps you?
  • The craftsmanship of the piece of furniture, painting, ornament
  • Allow your imagination to flow and be open.
  • Look around your environment, and see what you really appreciate. It could include your car, or another vehicle, or your house, anything.
  • The longer you spend, the more you are raising your vibration and your energy, and your perspective changes.

Appreciation of another person.

  • Sit with your partner, friend, or family member and find one good thing you appreciate about them.
  • Then it’s their turn to appreciate something about you.
  • Then it’s your turn to appreciate something about them.
  • Do this about 4 or 6 times.

One of my clients shared that her and husband did this, and it really made a huge difference to their marriage and everything in their lives.

A mentor of mine, also shared that was one of the happiness techniques that her and her husband used as well.


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