Are You A Heart Centred Woman or Man?

In this article I describe how a heart-centred women and men can feel when subjected to a lot of head centred and masculine energy. Plus I make mention of Wayne Dyer passing.
Are You a Heart-Centred Woman or Man?How Would You Describe Yourself?Heart-centred – you operate from your heart and mainly feminine energy.
Head-centred – you operate majority of the time from your head and from the masculine energy.
This week we had the passing of Wayne Dyer, a very special man leaving a legacy of profound wisdom, numerous books and teachings and a well-known figure for 40 plus years. I found his movie ‘The Shift’, fascinating as he described life in the form of a day, morning and night.
 It helped me get clarity on the work I do, and where I am at in helping heart-centred women and men to live in a world that can be very head centred and masculine energy. Plus at the weekend we had a powerful full moon and its energies affecting many people.
 The moon represents the yin and yang, full moon from my understanding is representing the masculine energy. For heart centred women and men, we can be affected by the moon. The masculine energy of doing, being busy, can be good for getting your actions done, and getting  things organized.  However it can make you over do it, and you don’t stop.
 If you are around head centred people who are operating in the masculine energy all the time, this can and does affect the sensitive heart centred woman or man.
I found myself this week drawn to the beach and to walk in the water and out onto the mud flats.  I felt I required to connect with nature to connect to my essence, and most of this newsletter was written with me standing in the middle of the mud flats writing.
I was feeling unsettled by the masculine energies, and by connecting to the earth, nature, I felt connected. As well as appreciating and admiring the beauty of the mud flats, the beauty of the bay, and surrounding countryside, and the journey that I am on.
It gave me clarity, and how I can be of service to so many heart centred women, and men, who work, have partners, family that are in the head space and working from masculine energy.
 What happens to these sensitive souls, they are badgered and hammered by the masculine energies of the people around them, and they find it very difficult to operate some days. Their thinking gets clouded, they get confused, and they are unable to separate what is what. Is this you?
When you are caught up in these energies, what happens a lot of the time, the doubts start to surface, you start to feel you are not good enough, not worthy enough, your self-worth and self-esteem starts to plummet.
If there is negativity in your environment, you can get caught up into it, if people are speaking around you or at you negatively, this can also undermine you, with even more doubts, fear, and confusion.  You start to feel lost, disconnected, and you can lose focus.
One of the best things you can do for yourself, is to connect with nature, the trees, the bush, the water, the earth, the wind and even the rain. This helps you by blowing away the negativity, and the  cobweb feelings you get.
Nature revitalizes you, brings you back to balance and being centred, allowing you to put the pieces of yourself back together, and to be able to operate in a world that has a lot of masculine energy happening.
On my journey, I have many angels showing me the differences, and allowing me to experience the different energies of the feminine and masculine energies. It has helped me understand what is happening to many heart centred women, who are in careers, business, or looking after their families, and are struggling in their personal or professional lives.
Where do you find help to move forward?
Give yourself permission to let go, and allow yourself to be connected to people who can help you, who are like minded, understand you, and allow yourself to be happy.
This is what I do, I show people how to be happy, and the keys to get where they want to be in life, and BE Happy. I have experienced the pain, hurt, disillusionment, you are experiencing.
 I help you step up onto the path you really want to be on, and show you how to be happy. When you are happy, then you start to discover your purpose.
There are so many unhappy people in our world, you all deserve to be happy. Where are you at? Would you like help? Click here. You are not alone, and you don’t have to go it alone, there is help for you.
 “To change your life is only a thought away”
quote from Wayne Dyer.
If you are ready to say Yes to change then click here.
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