Are You at The Cross Roads of Life?

As you travel through life, the cross roads can show up several times. “What brings you to the cross roads?” It may be many things.cartoon 3 directions

  • It could be related to the weather, having a bad case of the winter blues.
  • It may be. you haven’t achieved your goals that you set at New Year, or worse, you haven’t started them.
  • There may be changes in your career or work environment, that you didn’t expect.
  • Your home may have sold, and you have to move.
  • You may have lost a partner,  spouse, or a family member.
  • There are numerous things that could have brought you to these cross roads, and the dilemma of which way to go, and what to do.

man frutrationYou could have several emotions surfacing, you feel scared, trapped, angry, fearful. You may have doubts about yourself as person, you  may be feeling not good enough, or unworthy. To top it all off, you feel exhausted, tired, and you feel you have reached the end of your tether. At this stage, you may not want to hear that you do have choices, because at this stage, you can’t even see the choices or solutions.


What do you do?

  •  First take a step back and big breath.
  • One way to help clear your head, is to journal. Take yourself away to quite place you enjoy. Have a journal, and write whatever comes into your head, no editing, do critiquing, just let your hand and pen go cross page. You may find you write for 20, 30, 40, 50 minutes. That’s all good, because what you are doing, is you are getting those annoying voices and thoughts in your head, out onto paper. By doing this, you’re gaining clarity, you may even see some solutions or ideas, or way through the cross roads.deceision-you-decide
  • Another way, is talking to a friend or mentor, who is a good listener. Often they can come up with an idea, or a solution because they are looking in. They are impartial, so they are not emotionally involved. They are in a better place to help you, by either brain storming, or see things, you can’t see, because you’re right in the middle of the picture.
  •  Often when you hit the cross roads, your life may have become mundane, every day seems the same. Take a break, make yourself go for a walk, or do something different. You may go to the beach, a river, a park, or hike in the bush with friends or family. By doing something different, this can help relieve some of the tiredness, you are seeing different things, and talking to different people. This all helps you to relax, you have a different energy, your perspective changes, and you start thinking more clearly.
  •  Meditating, or learning to meditate, can help as well. By learning to quieten your mind, this will in return relax your body. Through mediation, you can often find your answers, through ideas, or seeing a solution.
  •  Or you may seek help from a coach, or mentor  who can show you the way forward.



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