Are You Experiencing Powerful Emotions and Wondering Why?

Over the last  few weeks, many of you may be experiencing some very strong negative or positive emotions, and wondering why? This  may help you understand why you are experiencing them, and why it’s happening in your life.standing tall, when you stay on the high road

I have become aware, how quite a few people in my life, have been caught up with quite deep negative emotions. Some of these emotions have been hurt, anger, pain, disappointment, guilt, feeling insecure, feeling the victim, feeling overwhelmed, and the list goes on.

The following  message was channelled when the Lion Gate Portal was happening in late July -August 2017. However, some of the wisdom that is in this message, can also help people who are struggling with powerful negative energies in their lives. This message may just help them shift to a better feeling place.

“What about the Lion Gate Portal?

Yes, the energies at present are very strong and it will affect different people in different ways. Whatever they focus on, it will amp up. So, if they are thinking negative thoughts feeling not good enough, or unworthy, or if they are feeling overwhelmed with circumstances in their lives. These emotions will seem to increase, and be amped up through the energies that are coming into the planet. The negative emotions can show them little gems, gifts, and where they are at in life, and what they want. However, if you flip to the positive, and are focus on good things, loving themselves, self-love, believing in themselves, feeling and knowing they a good enough, and are worthy these same emotions will amp up- in the same way as the negative, but in a positive way, with more joy, happiness with them. By Appreciating and feeling gratitude for everything in their lives, both the negative and positive, this helps shift their perspective and mind-set, and shift their energies and emotions as well. So, they are in place to be able to focus on the positive energies of what they are wanting to experience in life. The Universe is a place of energy and vibration, whatever their thoughts are, either negative or positive, this is the energy and vibration that is being put out into the Universe, and this is what will show up in your life.”

What I have discovered over the last few weeks, how true the channel has been for me. I have seen many people who have been caught up in the negativity of  these powerful energies, and things happening in their lives. In some cases, consuming them to a level that they haven’t realized how badly they have been affected.comfort zone -quote brain tracy

Even myself, I have been caught up with these powerful energies, and have experienced some real lows. When I have hit the lows, I have just allowed myself to BE, and let them surface, through tears, just being, and allowing the pain to flow through.

Once I have allowed the feelings to be felt and heard, then I do something which will help me relax, and uplift me. This could be reading a good book, going for a walk, doing deep breathing in and out, or watching something inspiring on TV on demand.

I have found Master chef has been an inspiration, because I love how the contestants support each other, even when they are in the same challenge. Giving encouraging words to each other, in one case the contestant walked away from her bench, and gave the other contestant a hug, because the other contestant was in overwhelm. I witnessed this type of support right through, and including the grand finale.

It creates a good feeling within you, which is important to start moving you into a better feeling place.

By going for a walk, deep breathing in and out, or reading a good book, or watching Master chef, it uplifted me, and it put me in a more positive mind-set, which created a joyful, happy energy/vibration.

Looking on  the positive side, I put an intention out, that a sale would go unconditional earlier than what was in the agreement.  In my mind, I had a specific way this would happen. However, it is happening in a way that I hadn’t expected.   As a friend said, “this or something better.”

By saying “this or something better“, it allows the Universe to bring to you something even better, which you hadn’t even thought of, or expected, which is happening in my case.

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