Are You Happy Right Now?

What is your answer to this  question –“Are you happy right now?”

” How did you answer? 

“Did you immediately start telling a story or did you say – yes or no?”

If No – what is your story you are telling yourself?”

The question says – Right Now – which means right this minute. In this present moment while you are reading this email “how are you feeling?”

I asked myself this question while sitting in the sun, with the sun warming my face. I am feeling happiness, contentment, and feeling very peaceful. I feel the sun warming me, and I hear the birds singing in the distance, the breeze is gently moving the branches on the tree nearby. Music is playing in the background, which all brings me joy, happiness, contentment and I feel very peaceful. By writing the description it took me to another level, those feelings got more emphasised and I carried those feelings into my future.

Now – is our reality right this moment. Your monkey mind is busy talking to you, and reminding you of this and that. Often you are dwelling in the past, through thoughts and memories, often negative ones.

Many are focused on the negative and they are unwittingly creating more of the same. If you are focused on the negative, and what caused the pain, drama, and the unhappiness, this is what you are creating in the Now.

Others are thinking about the future. “I will be happy when I have ……………” Fill in the blanks.

Majority of people live in the past or the future and forget to be Present, and the Present is where you are at this very moment in time, this minute.

The thoughts you are having at this present moment are creating the feelings or emotions you are experiencing. These feelings or emotions can be of pain, hurt, frustration, and anger. Or joy, peace, relief, happiness, calm.

If you are focused on something negative, take a piece a paper out, and write out what happened, and state the condition as it is, the facts.

Then ask yourself “what feelings do I want to experience”, accept the condition as is.

However you get to choose how you want to feel, and you can do this by saying, “I am feeling free, I am feeling relief, I am feeling calmer, I am more peaceful, I am feeling brighter, I am feeling happier”, write out all the feelings and emotions you would like to experience in the present moment.

After a little while and a page or two or three, you will notice you are feeling different, and you can look at things with a different perspective. It doesn’t matter if you repeat the feelings and emotions, just write out how you want to feel, experience, and by doing this you are changing your energy to feeling  calmer, uplifted, and happier.

By bringing yourself back to the now, to this moment, you can create how you feel in this moment. You have the choice. Creating peace, and feeling happier in the present moment, the Now, by doing this you are creating a happier future.

Tip to help move you forward.
1. Gratitude and Appreciation
Be grateful for what you have you have in your life now. Look around you and see what blessings you have in your life and then say thank you. It could be as simple as driving down the road and seeing nature in its finery. You may feel blessings in living in area that everything looks green and lush. Look at your blessings that you have in your life and then say thank you. By doing this exercise you can change your perspective on how you look upon your world. The Power of Gratitude creates good feelings within you, when you feel good then you find more good things come into your life.

2 Ho’ponopono

I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you thank you.
Many feel doing this they have to forgive someone, however you are forgiving yourself and your inner being /child because you have been beating yourself up with your thoughts and what you have been saying. Saying this mantra for several minutes you will notice, you do feel a sense peace and calm.

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