Balance – Do You Have It In Your Life?

“When you look at your life, is it in balance?”


“Do you find yourself doing several things at once, or heading in other directions that were not planned?”


“Do you put yourself last?”  Or do hear yourself saying

“I will do that later, or tomorrow?”

“Are you always putting things off ?”


“Do you feel that something else is more important and requires your attention, and you forget about looking after yourself?”


“Do you find yourself busy doing all these other activities, then wonder why you are so tired or bored with life”? Or asking the question –


 “What about me?”


By learning to stop and putting yourself first, recharging your batteries,  you achieve more in your life and work. Plus you have more to give to others and you are not running on empty. When you are running on empty you have nothing left to give to others, or yourself.


If you were driving your car, and your saw the gauge on empty. You wouldn’t put a smiley face over it ,and think that all is well and keep going, eventually the car will stop. By stopping at the petrol station and filling your car’s tank you can go so much further.


Same with you, when you stop and fill your tank first, you have more to give to yourself, and others in your life. You have the energy, motivation to achieve  and feel the satisfaction of what you do accomplish.


Sometimes it’s the simple things that can help more than you realize.

For instance, going into nature for a walk in the bush, or park.


A few years back visiting a park and sitting under a tree a garden caught my attention. I noticed it was in the shape of a heart, then I noticed there were rocks that had been placed within the garden as well, the rocks were shaped as heart as well, there were two hearts. The message “listen to your heart”.


When you stop and listen to your heart, your intuition, then you will find the guidance in making decisions. Life will flow a lot easier, you make better decisions.  Your soul, higher self, speaks to you through your heart and guides you. When you live and work from your heart, you are more in tune with yourself, and in more the present moment.


Tips in Creating a more balance life:

  • Stop and breathe, take deep breaths breathing in so you fill your lungs to capacity, then breathe out entirely. Then breathe in deeply again, and while breathing put a smile on your face.
  •  Take several deep breaths, keeping  smiling, breathing deeply you are giving your body oxygen, and you will notice yourself feeling calmer, less tired, and more energy.
  • Believe me it does work, I have done it several times, and always find a huge difference. The breathing also helps in moments of stress.
  • Another tip, start planning time out for yourself each week, and even for short period each day, to recharge your batteries, it’s important for your well-being.

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