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This week’s newsletter is reminder how nature can be so healing fbushland Beach, still quiet morning - Croppedor us. I wrote this article a couple of years ago, as I read it again, I realized that it was so timely to share. I was sitting on the roots of beautiful oak tree as I wrote this article.

“As people you often forget the beauty and magnificent of nature, and how nature can be so healing to your souls. By showing you beauty, peace and beauty and many other beautiful things.

 This is so beautiful sitting at your feet oh mighty one – this is so calming, how I love your strength, your durability, your magnificent. Looking up at your height, it reminds me how you are seeing the big picture. I am so small compared to your great height, yet when I look up into your leaves and branches, I feel a sense of knowing, a peace and calmness – that all is well.”   “Your fellow trees are of different ages and species, your height shows your age as many, many decades. All the trees here, I see have stood the test of time.  I am enjoying the beauty of the different species, the peace and calmness which I feel so strongly by sitting here.”   “This takes me back several years ago,  when there was a saying that was very popular “hug a tree” – and here I am, sitting at your feet, with my back against your trunk, I feel supported, loved and at peace. I do believe I understand those words even more so now than then.” How many times do we as humans forget the healing power of nature, by getting out amongst nature in itself is healing? Yet so many of us forget to go and walk or sit in the garden, the park, or go to the beach and sit or walk along it. You can go to nature when you are feeling down, you can go to the park, garden, lakes, river, estuary and ocean. Even water is healing, it brings peacefulness and a calmness, a feeling that all is well. Coming to the park instead of staying on the path I wanted to wander under the trees, hear the dried leaves crackle under my feet, and feel the strength and admire the beauty of these lovely beautiful age old trees.

I spotted a redwood tree, and that reminded me of the many visits I had enjoyed to Haumarana Redwoods in Rotorua. Seeing this Redwood, took me back to those enjoyable times of wandering through those magnificent redwoods. Wandering along the paths and under those magnificent trees, with the forest floor strewn with dried leaves and needles.

Sitting at the feet of this mighty redwood, listening to the birds sing, hearing the wind softly blowing through the leaves, and the sunlight  filtering through the leaves, it brings such peace, beauty and calmness to the soul, a knowing that all is well!   How many of you forget to take time out from your busy schedules, always busy doing this or that, and wondering “why am I so tired? “Why am I feeling like I am?”, or worse that feeling of overwhelm.

bushland beach stillness and sunHowever by taking a step back from your busy lives and observing what is happening around you, you often you see what’s important to you. You could ask this question if you are feeling challenged, alone, or in overwhelm. “If this challenge, or situation you are facing, how would this challenge / situation affect me in 5 years’ time?”, and see what the answer is. This puts things in more perspective and shifts gears on you.

By stopping, taking time to rest, regrouping yourselves, letting nature help, by blowing the cobwebs away and clearing your heads, nature is in fact administering its healing powers to you.  You are in a better position to discover solutions to your challenges or circumstances. There is always a solution to a challenge, however that solution is not on the same level as you are.

When you look at the mighty trees at the park and imagine if you were that tall, you would see the big picture. You would know what to do, you would be bigger than the problem and know the answers.

You can still do this by imagining you are very tall like 20 40 60 100 meters, expanding your energy and imagining you are so tall. When you are at that height you have stepped out of the problem. You are in different space to see the answers or ask questions to help you find the right answers. Taking time to relax, allowing that still inner voice to be heard, you will often find the solution to your challenge. With your busy lives, that inner voice is often drowned out. Many times that wise self within you has the answers, if you stop along enough to allow it to be heard.

The solution can come in the form of an inspired thought, idea, inspiration, or someone may mention something, see something in a book, or read something in an email, or hear a comment, or the words of song, the answers come in many forms.

What are you going to do to be kind to you today?” “How are you going nurture yourself?”  Most importantly, remember it’s okay to stop, relax and take time for yourself. By sharing this story of going to the park with those lovely established trees, I hope it has given you some food for thought, and inspired you to take time to do something you love and recharge your batteries.

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