Being The Best Version of Yourself

As I travel on the journey of life,  I realize we have many treasures and gifts sitting on our physical or virtual bookshelves that are gathering dust.


I was promoted by a random thought, to get a course I had packed away. I hadn’t thought of this course in several years. By doing so, I discovered another program that I had  forgotten about, and felt very strong  to get the second one out of the box.


I also found I had several programs that were sitting in my virtual library. Some I had forgotten I had, others I knew I had them, and I also decided to redo one.


At the beginning of the year I had sent an intention that this was going to be the best year of my life. I have found myself digging out courses and tools  that I use and have done in the past.  However, I am at another level of growth now, and it resonated to redo some.


At first I probably didn’t think much was happening, however it was all happening on a very subtle level. I notice memories surfacing that I had forgotten about, which gave me a huge insight how I had been held back, by people and beliefs.


Our thoughts, the relationships we have in our lives, and beliefs that we have created, all play a prominent role in how lives are in the present moment.


However, many of the beliefs have been passed on to us by parents, teachers, friends, grandparents, a whole raft of people, and those beliefs impact us still to this day.


Then one day I felt a huge shift, and I experienced feeling lighter, happier, confident, and joy bubbling up within me,  and smiling majority of time.


For example, I was walking through a car park,  I was in a world of my own.  I noticed this gentleman look at me, then he looked again and said “hello”, I responded with a hello.  I realized I had been smiling, which had inspired him to respond.


The change or shift I experience was like I had stepped out of my old dream and stepped into a new dream. I am feeling happier, joyful, contentment and peace within myself. Relationships in all areas of my life have improved, and I experience wonderful surprises and positive things happening daily.


As the change happened, I found myself stepping away from things that were no longer resonating with me. Setting boundaries which I wrote about last week. This peace, self-love, joy, happiness is still with me, and people are commenting on the change they are seeing within me.  I am also putting out a higher energy vibration. The change may appear to have happened over night, however it was happening at a deeper sublimely level, over a period of time,  then one day it blossomed.


Like planting a seed in the garden, watering and nurturing it, yet you don’t see the plant for sometime. However, the seed is still growing in the dark of the soil. Then it bursts through the surface to the light and sun, as a plant.


This is one way of describing change, it takes time to change our thoughts, beliefs, and habits. As you keep doing the work, becoming more aware,and more conscious of your words, thoughts and feelings, change starts happening.


However, you may start off with a hiss and a roar, then you miss a day, or someone says something negative to you. Or you come to a bump in the road, and you think “why bother”.  Or you give up, or stop doing the action steps. Before long you a back where  you started.


As a result of working with me you will find that your life will transform, and you will experience living in a happier, joyful place, and relationships will improve. You will have someone who believes in you,  as you become the best version of yourself.   I am looking for women who are feeling tired, unloved and appreciated, who are ready to turn their lives around and start living a joyful and happier life and be the best version of themselves.

Who do you know?

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