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Fear Barrier

As I travel along my path like many others, there are times when we must step out of our comfort zones. Doesn’t matter how confident we are, empowered, knowing we are worthy, or good enough. There are times we are

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When Experiencing Change and What Does it Feel Like?

On my journey of life, I have been single and independent for many years. I felt I was my own person, in control of my life, and who I was.   How sadly mistaken I was. Some of the relationships

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Self-Love – 12 Commandments from Louise Hay

How I discovered self-love and how it healed me and gave me peace. My Mentor asked me to share some of my story and as I sat and reflected , the following realization came to me not feeling good enough

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Being The Best Version of Yourself

As I travel on the journey of life,  I realize we have many treasures and gifts sitting on our physical or virtual bookshelves that are gathering dust.   I was promoted by a random thought, to get a course I had packed

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Setting Boundaries

As we travel through life, we have many relationships with different people, relationships are good, fun, satisfying, and you love being in these people’s company., like family, friends, work colleagues, partners, children. Some of these   In my own life

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Gold Nuggets

As I write about my journey,  and the deep reflection that has uncovered many gold nuggets for me. Plus the aha moment I discovered.   At different stages of our lives, or even as we travel through life, things can

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Have you ever you ever give up on something you believed in?

“Have you ever put your heart and soul into something you believed in, felt passionate about it, and it goes belly up for you?” “Have you then given up on yourself?  Feeling a failure, shame, guilt, and not good enough,

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How to start living the life of your dreams [Free ebook]

Do you ever feel like that breakthrough you’ve been craving is hanging there just outside your reach?   It’s like the “tip of the tongue” phenomenon.   You can taste it, feel it, and visualize it, but there’s something blocking

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A Message relating to Pets, Crystals, Energy

This week I was inspired to share a reading I received 5 years ago. After reading the message I felt it was good time to share it again. As it is still relevant now,  because the consciousness and energy has

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Signs from The Universe

Knowing the signs  from the Universe and Spirit , and know you are being guided and being looked after.  However, much of the time you are so busy, rushing around with a dozen things to do. You are not aware of the

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