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What’s Your Desire?

This week I will talk about the Universal Laws. Everyone refers to Law of Attraction, however, that is only one of the Universal Laws. There are 7 Essential Law that we use, and there are more. I know Bob Proctor

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Thoughts Are Things! What Are You Thinking?

I know you haven’t heard from me on regular basis lately. Life for me is changing, and as time goes on, you may notice the newsletters may have a different theme. My own intuition, wisdom and inner guidance has increased

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Balance – Do You Have It In Your Life?

“When you look at your life, is it in balance?”   “Do you find yourself doing several things at once, or heading in other directions that were not planned?”   “Do you put yourself last?”  Or do hear yourself saying

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Stop Using A Four-Letter Word – It’s not the one you are thinking of!

Recently, I read an interesting article. It was about a ‘Four-letter’ word that you use so often, and yet it would be great idea to stop using  this word. Believe me, It is not the one you are probably thinking

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Have you ever felt a Failure?

“Have you ever felt that you have failed at something?” It could be variety of things: e.g.  starting a business, turning a hobby into a business,  a sports event, partnership, a career, job,  etc. “Have you looked at the failure as

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Segment Intending

I am sharing a process with you that you may find helpful.. There will be days and times you will feel unmotivated, and find yourself procrastinating. The process is called Segment Intending. I am going to tell true story, as

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Who Are You? Who Do You Want to Be?

  Sitting in my lounge one Saturday morning listening to the strong winds hitting the house, and the trees being thrashed for hours on end, put me in a reflection mood. First Autumn,  The wind was thrashing the trees, and this

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Habits, Rituals, What Do They Mean to You?

“Habits, Rituals What do they mean to you?” “Do they mean the same thing? Or Do you have a different perspective on them?“I had a perspective that habits were like cleaning your teeth, making the bed in the morning, brushing

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The Word Power

What Does The Word Power Mean to You?  While thinking that question, a message started to flow. So many give away their power. Understanding that you are a powerful being in your own right, can be powerful on its own.

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Riding the Waves

This is about riding the waves of emotion, and I share an experience I had,  and  how I was given a lovely visualization by spirit to help me move forward. Letting go is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Then there

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