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Holidays – Tips on Protecting Your Home

Sharing tips in protecting  your home while on holiday, it may be Christmas, or a holiday you have planned for a long  time. Regardless if its Christmas, or a special holiday. You have planned your holidays, spending time with friends and

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“When Complimented – How Do You Respond ?”

”When someone compliments you, what is your first reaction? Do you say thank you?” Or “Do you find yourself suddenly talking about some subject that is totally irrelevant, to cover up the feelings of embarrassment that you are experiencing?” When

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Affirmations-Do They Work or Not?

Part 1 Affirmations.  Do they work or not?  Plus how do you view what you call failures and mistakes? Do affirmations work or not?   How do you view affirmations? What are your feelings or thoughts about affirmations?  What about mistakes

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How To Make Wise Choices

Sharing tips to look for when making decisions, and how to know if you are making a wise choice that’s right for you. When making decisions you have the practical reasons, you do the research, check out all the things necessary,

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Power of Gratitude

 I speak of gratitude, and I know in the past I have spoken about gratitude,   however over the week, the title the Power of Gratitude kept coming to me, gratitude for me has become a major part of my life.

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Do You Have An Imagination?

Do You Have an Imagination? This week’s newsletter is a little different from the others, and some may think it is a bit airy fairy, and you are entitled to that feeling. However there will be others who relate and

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