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Releasing Resistance

Resistance – “Do you know when you are resisting something?” Physically you may be aware when you are resisting. “However, what about when it comes to emotions, thoughts, feelings and your energy?” “What do I mean by that?”   “Do you

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4 Steps to Change

These 4 steps is a process that you can use when you are faced with change, or feeling of self-doubt, not good enough, or feeling unworthy. When you are facing a decision, or change in your life, your mind /

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What Does Success Mean For You?

  “What does success mean for you?” Success can mean a lot of different things to different people. What success means for one person, may be totally different for another, and each person’s perspective regarding success is different.   The

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You Have Two Choices

“WE CAN NEVER OBTAIN PEACE IN THE OUTER WORLD UNTIL WE MAKE PEACE WITH OURSELVES.” – DALAI LAMA This week I have shared a quote by Dalai Lama, and it is interesting that this quote came to my attention through

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Message from Quartz Crystal

This week, it  is a message that came from a Quartz crystal back in October 2013, and at the same time I pulled the quartz crystal card to see what message it had. Reading the messages, I felt it was

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‘I Am’

This week I am going to re-touch on a topic I have spoken about in the past; However, I am going to give you another perspective. Over the last couple of months, I have been listening to inspirational videos  every

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Are You Experiencing Powerful Emotions and Wondering Why?

Over the last  few weeks, many of you may be experiencing some very strong negative or positive emotions, and wondering why? This  may help you understand why you are experiencing them, and why it’s happening in your life. I have

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The Happiness Challenge

I am going to suggest a Happiness Challenge for you. I found this challenge on Pinterest, and it’s called,  The 30-Day Happiness Challenge. What I have found by doing this challenge, it stretches you. Over the years, I have included

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Having Me Time!

Recently I found I had a few days to myself. I found myself not telling anyone that I had this time. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with those days, and I decided to play it by ear.

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Do You Listen to that Quiet Small Voice Within?

I was inspired after reading Lara Phelm, newsletter to take some excerpts from her newsletter, and weave my own questions around them. My intention was to ask questions to help you look within you, and help you start seeing you

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