Compassion – Self-Love

I was guided to talk about self-love and compassion. It is important to learn understand and embrace compassion and self-love. Believe it or not, it does play a large part in your lives, more than you realize.

It’s also important to understand having compassion, as the new energies, vibrations, and frequencies, that  are being experienced on earth are affecting everyone, positively or negatively.

The importance of letting go, releasing, hurts, resentments, bitterness, anger, pain, or life is unfair. By harboring and nurturing those emotions because you feel you will never forget.  Believing by holding onto the pain and hurt it won’t happen again. If you stop and reflect over your past, you may see that it has already happened many times.

When you focus on the negative or positive, you are sending a signal out to the Universe. The Universe picks up that signal and finds other matching signals, then sends it back to you. That is how law of attraction works, on frequency.

Plus, it takes a lot of energy to keep that hurt, anger, resentment or whatever emotion you are feeling, alive. Then you start feeling tired, stressed, then you start getting sick with whatever is going around, and in some cases, this can develop into disease.

Many say “I will forgive but won’t forget“. What is really happening here, you are only hurting yourself. The other person goes off and has good life, and has forgotten what happened.They have no idea you are still harboring, and hurting over what happened.

Another scenario – “What do you do if your beloved dog or cat was sick or has done something to upset you? Do you keep harboring what they did to you? Or do you feel compassion and love for your pet?”

Your pet will be showering you with unconditional love and in a short time all would have been forgiven and forgotten by you. Even when you are sick or feeling despondent, they  are showering you with love.

What if you take  a leaf out of what your pets teach you about unconditional love, and feel compassion for what happened and let go.

“What about your child, if they were hurt or upset, or sick? “What do you do for them?” You feel the compassion, you care, nurture and reassure them, and if it requires a doctor you would make sure they saw one.

It is time for you to start forgiving, nurturing and giving compassion to yourself, learning to give yourself – ‘self-love’.

Why not forgive yourself, and feel compassion for you, and all concerned, and let go of the hurt, or whatever the emotion you are harboring or holding onto.

Give yourself permission to heal. There is an ancient Hawaiian tradition called Hoponopono.

I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.

Now before you think or say I am not forgiving that person. What is really happening you have been beating yourself up and telling yourself off for a long period of time.

The mantra is and -What you are saying is- 

  • You are Sorry to yourself, 
  • You are asking forgiveness to your higher self / soul, 
  • You are saying to yourself you love you,
  •  and thank you is showing gratitude in forgiving yourself

Saying Hoponopono is feeling compassion for yourself and the other people in your life.

Plus believing in yourself and knowing you are worthy to have whatever you want in your life, knowing you are good enough.

It’s time for you to shine your own light, and start believing in yourself. Loving who you are, being kind, nurturing and compassionate to yourself.

It’s your choice which pathway you will go down, and what door way you want to go through.

Imagine you have two paths in front of you, and two doors,

  • One door says, life is hard, it has a lot of negativity, its dark and dreary.
  • The other door has a lot of light, there is joy, happiness, fun, compassion, love, positive, you feel great, worthy and life is good.
  • Which door will you go through?

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