Decide or Not to Decide!

This  about deciding or not deciding and the outcome. Recently I read a quote regarding ‘to decide or not to decide, you are still making a decision.’ However, if you choose not to decide about something, then what unfolds in life, is by default. If you make a decision, then you create the energy and vibrations to create a frutration
You will discover you will get ideas, or an inspired thought, someone may show up in your life, with a solution. All sorts of things can happen to help you, when you make the decision, and stop sitting on the fence.
Making the decision, is like putting your hand on the door knob, and opening the door.

This is an experience I had. I was undecided about a situation, and wasn’t sure what to do. Yes, I was sitting on the fence. I asked the Universe for guidance, a thought came into my mind. At first I dismissed the idea, as not being practical. Then  an hour or two later, something happened.  Which made me, make a quick decision, and  take action on the idea I had dismissed earlier. By taking the action step, and doing what I had to do, I felt a sense of peace and a lot  happier,  the burden I had been carrying, lifted.

However, the interesting thing is, what transpired in the next 24 – 48 hours. What I had been asking for, the Universe, literally started bringing it to me. What it showed me, by making a decision in one area, I was opening the doors on all areas of my life.

cartoon 3 directionsMany people sit and ask Spirit, God, Universe, whoever you call upon, they want this, or that, and then they sit, waiting. They wonder, “why  doesn’t it come into their life?” They may have had an idea, or heard a message through a song, someone may have shown up in their life, or a book may have fallen at their feet. They ignored all the signs, and don’t take action. They sit waiting for whatever it is, to show up in their life, and they get angry or frustrated.

deceision-you-decideBy taking action, this is showing the Universe that you are serious. You are also creating a positive, joyful and happy feelings, which helps manifest and bring the very things you want into your life. Letting go of the expectations, allowing things to unfold, feeling grateful and blessed with everything in your life.

Being open to the expected and unexpected, and the inspired thoughts you have. Once you start on the path, following the signs or inspiration, your perspective changes, you feel so much better and you are more positive and happier.

I have question that I ask, which shifts my perspective and creates a positive joyful feeling, and I have fun with it. “What would it take …………………..?”

 For example. “What would it take for me to get a job?” You may get the idea to go on TradeMe or Seek, and look at what jobs are online. Or you may get the idea to update your CV. Or someone you haven’t seen for a while, suddenly shows up in your life. They ask you a question “who do you know who wants work” Being open, to what comes your way,  as you never know where it may lead you.

Here is a quote that really sums up what I have spoken about. It is from Kyron, who is channelled through Lee Carroll, who speaks of this very thing. From Kyron , “Assumptions” in San Antonio, TXThe Open Door
‘There is a process that you must be aware of. We’ve told you again and again that the Human Being who just sits there waiting for God will sit a long time. You may be aware of Spirit, of the Great Central Source, and you may be a believer. You may be an old soul who says, “Yes, I feel it; I know it!” However, you also may be frustrated that nothing is happening, and I want to tell you as we’ve said before: You’ve got to take the knob and open the door before anything is going to happen.”  ~ KRYON through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel’

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