Do You Have An Imagination?

Do You Have an Imagination?

This week’s newsletter is a little different from the others, and some may think it is a bit airy fairy, and you are entitled to that feeling. However there will be others who relate and resonate with what has come through.

Since being in Australia, I found my messages from Nature have been quite profound. It wasn’t until I read one of my messages back to a couple of friends, that I realized exactly what the message was saying, and my friends encouraged me to share it with you. Now seems the time to share it, and so I ask, have an open mind while reading it.

A few weeks ago, while I was preparing to go for a walk. I felt an overwhelming urge to go and walk along to the far end of the beach. There was a log at that end of the beach, and to me it looks like the shape of a dragon. I call it my Dragon Log. Sitting with the Dragon log, I have found many answers to my questions in the last couple of months. This particular day I felt inspired to write.

“Greetings Dragon, what message do you have today for me?”

The world is made up of many kingdoms, you read about them as Fairy Tales as a child, as children they can relate to these stories. Many eons ago everything was one, everyone lived happily together, they interacted with each other, and it was peaceful, happy world.

Then the people started wanting more, the greed started to take over, they wanted more and more, then their egos got in the way. The greed got worse, and they started to take, and take, and take. They lost all respect for Nature, for the Angelic Beings, the Devas, the Fairy’s, and the little people, and all the different kingdoms. They made up myths about these kingdoms, as not being real, the myths included having wars – however the other kingdoms changed themselves, they withdrew, they became invisible, yet they were still real, they were still living in the world, yet the humans couldn’t see them.

Humans destroyed habitats, cut down trees, and then stared destroying forests, polluting water ways, as the greed grew worse in wanting more power. They didn’t listen to reason, or listen to the wisdom of the people who were wise, and knew what could happen. This was their undoing, they nearly destroyed everyone. They did destroy many of their people, however there were a few who knew the truth, and could see what the future held. They moved away to safety, taking the truth with them, and burying that knowledge in the ground, using crystals and other precious metals.

You are at a stage, where you are seeing a lot of things happening in the world, a lot of unrest, fear, and war, however there are so many more people aware and enlightened. These people are aware of the different kingdoms; there are people who can hear nature in its different forms. They can hear the plants, the trees, the different kingdoms speaking to them in some form or other. There are a lot very special people on the planet now in the way of young children, young adults, and older adults who came to pave the way. They are very aware of the other kingdoms and what is happening. You will see many more young ones being born with knowledge that you will wonder where did that come from. There are already young ones on earth now demonstrating that in many different countries. These young ones are demonstrating strengths, talent, skills, knowledge and wisdom, and people wondering “where did that come from?” The world is changing and you will see these changes unfolding very quickly as the years roll by.

As I said this was written a few weeks ago, and as I was preparing to take photos of the Dragon log, I asked the question – Dragon it seems your message is ready to be shared, what else do you want to tell me?

Allow yourselves to dream, allow your childhood fantasy’s to come alive. Its okay to believe in fairy’s, devas, little people. So many have lost their connection to Nature, and don’t know how to use Nature as their guide. The stars, moon and sun are a navigation system, yet many don’t know how to read the stars or the signs in Nature, to help them in their everyday life. The animals know, they have an internal guidance system, to move to higher ground if a storm is coming, or some other natural disaster is going to happen.

Many humans have lost the skill over many, many generations, and they have lost the art of dreaming, believing in the fairy tales, believing in their imaginations. As children, many adults had vivid imaginations, stop and recollect those imaginations and what transpired. Some adults as children had imaginary friends that were very real to them. Yet their parents couldn’t see them, because their parents had blinkers on, they had shut themselves down. They had forgotten the world of imagination, and make believe, and got caught up in living life and dwelling on what was not working.

rsz_1dragon_log_and_magnetic_is-busland_beach2015_003 (2)The piece of drift wood I call dragon, to many, it will look just like that, a piece of drift wood, and they won’t see the shape of a dragon, or the face of the dragon. Sharing with a person about this log they said “oh you saw it to?” “So I am not silly in thinking it looked like a Dragon”? I confirmed to this person it looked like a dragon to me, and I was totally unaware that they had even seen it, or knew it existed.

Be open, and take off the blinkers, and stop, start appreciating and feel gratitude for Nature and what nature creates for us. Allow your imagination to run away with you, you may be surprised, you may discover solutions, answers to those questions that you have going around your head. By stopping, and taking time to be still, you are allowing yourself space to hear the answers. Many are so busy doing, they say I am so busy, busy with this, busy with that, they have forgotten to give themselves time. I am hearing this all the time from friends, oh I am so busy………..

Give yourself permission to stop for just 10 minutes. Put your cell phone down for 10 minutes and allow yourself the freedom of being disconnected to the technology world. Allow your senses to come alive, and your imagination to be reignited, you may find that your world suddenly becomes so much better. You may discover you are happier by stopping and allowing yourself to BE for 10 minutes or longer if you wish.

There is no reason why you can’t be happy and live in a world of technology and the life you lead. It’s learning to take time for yourselves, and disconnecting, or as the saying goes, being unplug, for a period of time.

Many look forward to summer holidays for this very reason, they can stop, unplug, and relax, however you don’t have to wait till your holidays. You can do this for as little as 10 minutes a day or longer if you wish, you get to choose.

What if you stopped? Stepped outside and took some nice deep breaths (suggestion 7) and really appreciate the moment, allowing yourself a few minutes to experience the feeling of stopping and observing what’s around you. Taking the 7 deep breaths in and out, it will allow your monkey mind to slow down, and stop chattering to you, and it will help you get clarity of where you are at. It will also help open your senses to feel again.



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