Do You Have Balance In Your Life?

happy cat   When you look at your life do you feel it is in balance? Or do you feel too much of your time is going in other directions?How many times do you put yourselves last? How many of you say “I will do that later, or tomorrow”. Or you have planned to do something for yourself, and then decide you don’t have the time, and you put on the back burner to do later. Are you always putting things off or feel that something else requires your attention, and forget about looking yourself? You find yourself busy doing all these other activities and then wonder why you are so tired. Or “what about me?”Sometimes you have to stop, and put yourself first, for your own health, peace of mind, and to recharge your batteries. By charging your batteries you feel refresh, relaxed, have more joy, happiness, inspiration and feel motivated to tackle tasks that you were unable to do.two dogs in basketWhen you escape to nature it can often give you the answers. An example of this when visiting a park and sitting under a tree. I noticed a garden it was shape of a heart. Then there were rocks that had been place inside the freshly dug garden, and it was another heart. Two hearts.A message from nature work from your heart. Working and making decisions from the heart you will find life will flow a lot easier, and you won’t regret your decisions. Your soul speaks to you through your heart and guides you.

When you live and work from your heart you are more in tune with yourself, and more present in the moment. By filling your tank first you achieve more. You have the sense of achievement, satisfaction and more energy, which enables you to give to the people who require your help. love and support.lady holding a heart self love

By living and making decisions from your heart, you are creating a more balance life.

A tip to help shift when you feel negativity coming on, is to say “Wouldn’t it be nice if ……………” This uplifts you, shifts your energy and creates a new perspective.

Take time to smell the roses, and feel the gratitude of what surrounds smelling the roses





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