‘Fresh New Starts’! – Are You Ready?

“What does a fresh new start mean?” Some may refer to it as starting over again, others will look at it as a fresh new fresh startsadventure. Life is full of adventures as you journey down the path of life. Everyone chooses how they will travel and do it. Some choosing to stay on one path the whole time. Where others take detours off their original path, and others venture off to new horizons to experience different things in their life journeys.


As you journey through life, there comes a time when you stop and look at where you are at, in life, and where you have ended up. Looking back, you may see opportunities that you embraced, and they have brought you where you are today, and you feel good about your life.

Others may look back and see lost opportunities, and have the feeling, life is stagnant, boring, dreary, yet they have this sense or feeling there must be something more to life.

Or you may be thinking “where has my life gone?” You may have regrets, disappointments, and have accepted this is life, “this is what it is“. You feel safe in your comfort zones and it’s what you know. The voice of doubt speaks to you loudly and keeps you in a state of paralysis, whenever you think of stepping out.


Or the time has come and that you have had enough, you  have decided to make a fresh new start.

Some will view the fresh start as opportunities, willing to step out and try new experiences, new adventures, and moving out of their comfort zones. As you embrace this concept, you may have people who caution you on your plans, and give you their opinions, their concerns and saying:

“Is this is the best for you”.

“Is this the right thing?”

 “Should you really be doing this?”

 Fresh start - suddenly you know its time

At the same time, you have many negative emotions surfacing, the voice of self-doubt starts talking loudly. “Is this the right thing to do” “what is It I should do” It takes courage and confidence to step out of your comfort zone, to embrace the unknown, not knowing what the future will hold.


Or maybe you are in a situation that you are forced to make a fresh start. You feel alone, you feel you can’t confide in anyone, because you feel embarrassed or shame in being in the situation you are in.

Some keys to help you know, you are heading in the right direction:fresh start you cant start a new chapter if you keep re reading

Once you have made the decision –

*              Go with the feeling that feels good for you

*              Do you feel joy and expectation within you?

*              Listen to your gut instinct –

This is your intuition talking to you, your own GPS –

It very rarely lets you down – many rely on their Gut Instinct

*              Ask for help – If you require guidance, help, or solutions

Asking for help can be scary, and is very hard for people to do. However there is always people willing to help. In many cases, they already suspect that things in your world are not the way they should be. They may have already been asking you questions.

What stops many for asking for help is their pride, the feeling of embarrassment or shame. Something to remember, everyone at some stage in their lives, have been in a situation where they required help, guidance or support.

When you find the courage to ask for help, or tell your story, you may be very surprised what happens, and where the support comes from.

By sharing your story, you are letting go, becoming vulnerable, and it also releases a huge weight you have been carrying.

When you ask for help, support or guidance, you may be surprised what transpires. The people you share your story with, are looking in from the outside.  This gives them the opportunity to see things with more clarity, solutions and the steps required.

You are unable to see these things because you are stuck in the quagmire, you can’t see a way out or the solutions because you are in the midst of the problem.

As you make this new start, you may be amazed at what opportunities come your way through the action steps you are taking.

  • Having the feeling of joy, expectation that everything is working out for the best.
  • Knowing you have the skills, talents, to achieve the things you want,
  • Knowing you are good enough and worthy of having the life you want.
  • These are tips that will help move you move towards your goals much quicker.

Throughout life many people have had their self-belief and confidence in themselves damaged, by other people’s attitudes and opinions.

Remember those comments and opinions belong to the other people, and are not true for you.

However at some stage in your life, you have believed them. By stopping and looking at what they are said, you will know the truth of who you are, and what you are capable of.

Don’t buy into other people’s beliefs, opinions or perspective, they don’t belong to you. When you look at these comments and beliefs for what they truly are, you know in your heart what the truth is, and  what you are capable of achieving.

By believing in yourself, embracing change, and the fresh new start as an adventure, feeling the joy, happiness and expectation, you will be astounded what starts to flow into your life. Life is a journey, full of many experiences which are either negative or positive.

It’s how you view these experiences, you can view the setbacks in a positive light, seeing them as gifts and blessings in your life.

Through looking on the positive side, you discover what these gifts have given you in the way of skills, talents and tools, which you have gained on your journey so far. How they have been the catalyst for you in creating a fresh start and implementing the opportunities that are creating the life you want now.fresh start -never hurt anyone



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