Gold Nuggets


As I write about my journey,  and the deep reflection that has uncovered many gold nuggets for me. Plus the aha moment I discovered.


  • At different stages of our lives, or even as we travel through life, things can be triggered within us. ‘Feelings of not good enough, Not worthy, or why bother, I am not appreciated’,
    and our thoughts migrate to the negative. As we become more focused on all the negativity in our lives, we attract more negativity.


  • We all have a critical voice within us, that is constantly criticizing us. That critical voice could be our voice, or it may be the voice of someone in the past. Or, we find ourselves telling a story which may or may not be true.


  • It is also interesting how we sabotage ourselves, by our actions, thoughts, a whole raft of things, and we can be quite creative when it comes to sabotaging ourselves.

I discovered early in the year when I did a 7-day course on Vices, that our inner voice, well mine is, ‘a Vice’. My critical voice was using judgment, criticism, feeling sorry for myself, and at times in the past it created a feeling of being a victim.

  • I had a couple of realizations.  The critical voice was blocking me in giving myself self-love, and the other  realization that was I denying myself self-love.
  •  The other realization was, that I was keeping myself small, not giving myself permission to shine. This stemmed back many years ago, when I did network marketing.

I had a family member make a comment, I thought he was genuinely interested. The next words out of his mouth, was a kick in the stomach, the rest of the family laughed. It made me feel I was a joke, that everyone thought like he did. The feeling it created that I was not good enough to have dreams like the rest of them.

  • When I realized that my critical voice was a vice, and I found myself criticizing myself. I would put my hand over my heart and say “I forgive, I love you”. Sometimes I did the ho’ponopono. “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you”.


  • Every time I caught myself being critical or saying something critical or negative, I do this “I love you, I forgive you“. This changed my perspective on lot of things in my world. It opened me to  more self-love, and I found myself loving and believing in myself. I trusted in the Universe, knowing I was being looked after, and giving myself permission to shine.This created a great sense of peace, and joy within in me and in my life.
  •  The other gold gem I discovered, was when I asked the question, “What is my Genius and how do I create transformation in peoples lives?”

The answer I received, ‘I am an Intuitive Inspirational Coach’. That was a reality check, and how much I had been blinded by my limiting beliefs. My tag line for Truepurpose is – Wait for it, ‘Inspirational Coaching’.

  • The other gold nugget I had, was the clients that I work with, and have been helping over the years.  Are heart-centered woman, who are successful in their career but feel unfulfilled in their personal life.”

“They’re tired of feeling unloved and unappreciated in their relationships and are ready to experience greater joy and happiness in their life.”

“They’re feeling despondent, anxious and lost. By gaining clarity and releasing their fears, they feel lighter, relaxed, at peace, and enjoying standing in their own truth.”

  • The next gold nugget it appeared I had done a full circle and was where I had been 5 years ago.


    However, I realized the growth I had over the 5 years was enormous. The lessons I gained, the extra tools I have added to my tool kit, my spiritual gifts, consciousness, my energy, vibration and frequency have expanded.

  • My journey has spiraled me upwards over the years. I am now standing in a much more empowered place, with a vision, mission and passion in front of me.
  • Letting go of resistance and sabotage, this was a huge shift for me. It was also something that had kept raising its head and kept holding me back at different times in my life.

Becoming  aware when we are in resistance and learning the signs,  we can nip it in the bud.

One way you can always ask the question, “is this true, or is it a lie”


  • First ask yourself the question “Is this true?” Where in your body to do you feel a lightness, or an emotion that  feels light. When you know it is in your heart or wherever in your body. Then you have a point of reference..
  • Do the same  again but  ask the question “ is this a lie” where in your body to do you feel a heaviness, again this is a point of reference for you.
  • Then when you become aware of belief or thought, or limiting belief and you ask the questions you know where in your body by the feeling if it feels true, or where in your body it feels a lie.


Our beliefs are mainly lies, and have been created from the past. A lot of beliefs and how we see the world, happened in the first 7 years of our lives. From the people around us, what we heard, saw, told, observed and felt.


The first 7 years our minds are a sponge, we don’t have any filters. We absorb everything we see, hear,  feel, observe, and we create a belief.


The sad thing, many are still carrying around those beliefs that were created when they were, 3 or 5 or 7, or even at the ages of 10, 12 or in our teens. However, the majority have been created in the first 7 years.  When we look at those beliefs as adult we get entirely different perspective.

When I have taken a client through releasing a limiting belief the change in them is enormous.

  • As I uncovered each gold nugget  it created a huge AHA moment for me.


  •  What I had set out to do 5 years ago, hasn’t changed. It has taken on a life of its own, and has grown and become of age. I have grown with it.
  • I never realized how this journey has transformed my life to where I am now, and how it has been leading me in the direction I wanted to go all along.


The realizations of these  gold nuggets has turned my life around and given me a whole different perspective in life.


Now, I have the clarity, and this journey has created a fire of passion and a mission within me. To help other women who are struggling in their lives to become the best version of themselves and stand in their truth.




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