Gratefulness, and how important it is.

Through my newsletters I have shared that to attract your desires it is important to be in the energy or emotions of joy, happiness, love, bliss, gratitude and awe, as these emotions help you elicit the energy to attract what you want in your life.

I also heard someone describe emotion is Energy in Motion and how true that is. It makes sense to watch your thoughts and especially your language and the spoken word, because even speaking is creating an energy and vibration.

Today thinking about gratefulness, it also reminded me of a tool I shared sometime go, and that was Rampart of Appreciation.

With Gratefulness Рtake for instance the other night when I was driving home.  I saw the moon and even though it was starting to lose it fullness. It was still so beautiful; a bright gold colour and the colour was so vibrant, and it really stood out and caught my attention. Plus, it was shining on the harbour and the picture and colour it created was such a beautiful, magical feeling, and awe within me.

The colour coming off the water was bluey shimmering colour and with the moon so bright and yellow looking it created such ethereal mystical feeling within me. It was so beautiful I wanted to stop and admire this beautiful picture of wonder. However, there was no where to pull over and park. So, I took in the magic and brought it into my awareness so I could recall it when I got home, and the following days when I wanted to experience gratefulness.

  • You may have a beautiful picture, or
  • beautiful trees,
  • you may have a beautiful lake view, or
  • ocean view, or hill views, or
  • beautiful plants full of flowers,
  • Or maybe it’s a new baby,
  • or someone special celebration.

Whatever it is that catches your breath and makes you feel the joy, happiness, gratitude, that create a wonder of joy, and appreciation within you.

Then take it to another step and feel the absolute gratefulness that nature or whatever the object or person it is.

Allow your gratefulness to fill your whole beginning, and when you are feeling this absolute gratitude and gratefulness.

Thn put out an intention of something you would like to attract into your life. Feel the love, joy, happiness, and even compassion of what it is, and sit with it a few minutes. Then as you finish visualizing and feeling the desire say this or something better.

What you have done you have sent out an energy, vibration of what it is you would like, and that energy will resonate with the frequency of your desire and start attracting it in to your life.

A great time to do this is as you are falling to sleep at night. Then it will sink into your subconscious mind, and your subconscious mind is your powerhouse, it will start working to bring it into your life.

Be Aware, that when you are feeling angry, sad, depressed, victim, you are also putting that frequency out into the energy field, and it will attract like frequencies and vibration back to you.

Liken it to radio station, you can’t tune into your favourite radio station which could be 99.9 fm, if you have the dial set on 86.9 fm.

The same with your thoughts, words, and emotions. Spending a few minutes each day in the frequency and vibration of joy, happiness, gratefulness, bliss, awe, will  help manifest what it is you want in your life.

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