Habits, Rituals, What Do They Mean to You?

“Habits, Rituals What do they mean to you?”

“Do they mean the same thing? Or Do you have a different perspective on them?“I had a perspective that habits were like cleaning your teeth, making the bed in the morning, brushing your hair, everyday things.

Rituals to me had a religiosity theme, and I respect people who do have rituals, that have a religiosity about them.

A mentor may have influenced me, whose rituals had a religiosity theme that made me uncomfortable, and when she spoke about rituals she was quite forceful in her opinion.

Having this perspective and belief that rituals were related to religiosity, I resisted rituals, feeling everyone to their own religiosity.

Overtime I have had a change of perspective, and I now realize rituals are how you perceive them.

I have come to realize that rituals are like creating knew habits and making a commitment to yourself each day to do them, it’s like a routine ritual you do on daily basis.

This year I started some rituals, not planned, it just happened. I started redoing some courses I had done 3 or 4 years ago. As I did them, it felt like they were new, because over the years I have grown and changed. It was like I was hearing them for the first time, due to the growth over the years, and I was now at a different level than when I first purchased them.

“So how did this ritual routine start for me?”

In January I started out listening and re doing the modules in Sonia Ricotta Unsinkable Program. I started a ritual every morning listening to her 6 or 7, 3-minute videos that play high vibration music, while at the same time you are watching positive affirmations with pictures. I watch these while having breakfast, and I find that it really sets me up to feeling good, and a great start for the day.

Then in February I signed up for the free 10 Day Tapping Summit, hosted by Jessica and Nick Ortner and I committed to watching the recordings each day. After 10 days I  noticed a huge shift within myself and discovered I had let go many limiting beliefs. Plus, many memories that I had forgotten about that were impacting my life.

Every day I tap, I listen to some of the tapping meditations that came with the summit. I have the summit recordings, that was an early birthday present from my niece, and I am so appreciative, because it’s a birthday present that I will cherish for years.

Through listening to the Summit, I heard about Donna Eden, and some of her energy exercises.  I have committed in doing about 4 or 5 each morning. They only take a few minutes and it really makes me feel so much better.

Writing this I realized that I use to get up in the mornings feeling tired, drained, lack of energy, and often didn’t feel inspired. I just realized that I get up in the mornings feeling good, brighter, happier, and my energy feels good. I put this down to Donna Eden exercises.

The other thing I love to do and having been doing it for a long time. I go and sit out on my deck in the sun most mornings, with my cup coffee. I have a book I call positive aspects. I write everything I feel grateful for and appreciate in my life. I also have an evidence book, that I write in all the things I have manifested or attracted into my life.

I also tune into my higher self, and mediate, and a lot of messages and wisdom come through, to help me and others. I find being in the sun and listening to nature is very calming and peaceful, it helps set the tone of my day.

With this ritual routine, the outcome is that my mindset has changed. I have let go some limiting beliefs that had been buried very deeply. I am aware of my thoughts, and if it’s a negative thought, I can quickly change the story or thought. I give gratitude and appreciation throughout the day, whenever something wonderful happens.

Gratitude and appreciation have always been a part of my life; however, I make a point of doing it as much as I can throughout the day, because it creates a great day for everyone.

Emotionally I am happier, brighter, calmer, peaceful, and life is good. I am attracting so many wonderful people, and opportunities into my life, and I set intentions and they happen very quickly.

The interesting thing when you miss a day of doing your routine rituals, or you miss some of them out, you feel out of sorts, and your day doesn’t always go as smoothly as it could have.

This ritual routine doesn’t take me that long, may be all up half an hour, however, it is something I enjoy doing and it is part of my morning routine. Like making the bed, getting breakfast, having a shower. It doesn’t feel like a chore.

The rituals are new habits, creating new habits, helps create a life you love as well as being successful.

The question was “what do habits, and rituals mean to you? Has your perspective changed?”

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