Have you ever you ever give up on something you believed in?

“Have you ever put your heart and soul into something you believed in, felt passionate about it, and it goes belly up for you?”
“Have you then given up on yourself?  Feeling a failure, shame, guilt, and not good enough, or worthy to have your dream. “Thinking  this is not for me?”
Or “Did you get back up and decided you could do this?”
What if I tell you this happened to me?” 
“What if I tell you can change things and turn your life around?”.

Reading those two questions “What was your first response, a Yes or No. Where in your body did you feel it?”



This is what happened to me when I set out to build Truepurpose the first time, and everything went belly up for me, I was in debt and I felt broken.
For a while I didn’t know which way to turn or what even to do. Then sitting on the beach one day playing with sand flowing through my fingers. I felt a peace, and then the thought came to my mind.
 “What if every grain of sand was one of my problems, fears, and it was flowing back into mother earth to be transmuted?”. 
That experience was very therapeutic, and it helped me get clarity and I saw how to move forward.

The decision was to get part-time work and keep building Truepurpose. There were people that were looking for help and guidance in how to turn their lives around.
  • I ended up applying for jobs and I got one. Then I was challenged by my friend / mentor about going back into real estate as a salesperson.

I worked for many years in Real Estate in administration / property management, and office manager. The last year was stressful for me as we had a new boss.


  • He made my life hell. I didn’t’ realize it at the time,  how close I came to having a  nervous breakdown.
  •  I also said –
  • “I would never work in Real Estate again”, famous last words.
  •  However, I did take advice to put my license on hold, in case I ever wanted to up lift it at future date.
  • I had been away from the industry 3 years when my friend challenged me….
  •  “What would I do or say to help a client with the same problem?
  •  The feeling I had was like a punch in the solar plexus. My thought was..
  •  “Why did you have to say that?
  • I knew exactly what I would do to help a client through the same situation.
  • It was a strange feeling though. It was like I had been released, and a weight lifted off my shoulders.
  • It galvanized me into getting my license back on hold till I could organize things. However only a month before, I decided that when it was time to renew the license I would let it lapse.
  • After this bombshell my friend gave me, I had 24 hours or less to save my license and keep it on hold.
  • A month later I uplifted my license, and went back to working for the company I had worked for many years.
  • My old boss, that I had worked with for years was back at the helm.
  • I was also inspired to keep building Truepurpose , and I worked away at it quietly.  I kept ticking it along with weekly newsletters, and some coaching clients.
  • Over those years I also became aware how much my spiritual gifts had become part of Truepurpose.
  • I realized I was intuitively picking up a lot of things and seeing the problem. As I got more proof,  my belief in my abilities became stronger.
  • Clients told me they liked it when I used my spiritual side and the meditations. They like I could create a meditations for them that related to their situation.
  • This year my passion and mission is to support heart-centered woman who are successful in their career but feel unfulfilled in their personal life, to be their best self.
  • I have been through the challenges,  I have been knocked down several times , and I have got back up.  When we get knocked down  this is how we grow, and we learn from those lessons,  and discover what we require to let go. When we have the breakdowns we know we are playing in the bigger picture.

As Lisa Nichols (from The Secret ) said in her recent interview and I share the  first 3  points – because I feel they relate to this newsletter and how I felt.
  • The bigger you play, the bigger your breakdowns. If you’re not having breakdowns, you’re not playing big enough. The idea that breakdowns are on the outside of our great life is a myth. Breakdowns-moments that test your courage, test your resiliency, test your forgiveness, test your ability to love the unlovable, they’re on the inside of making your dream a reality. They’re not on the outside



  • A lot of people hit a wall and then start questioning their dreams. What if that wall is just a part of the ingredients? My grandmother says, “Your conviction and your convenience don’t live on the same block.” What tests your conviction-a low point, an unexpected loss, a hurdle-all of that is designed to have you measure your conviction to your dreams. When we have these low points, losses, and hurdles, we consciously or unconsciously give it all the power and then we get off track.



  • When I get knocked down, I give myself permission to catch my breath. I let myself feel. I say-I’m angry right now, I’m frustrated right now, I’m hurt right now. I feel shame. I let myself be with that. I acknowledge my humanity. And then, I look back up. I don’t expect to spring back up; I allow myself to wobble back up if necessary. I choose my dream again, because if something’s testing it, then I need to choose it again. I calculate what I learned from being knocked down. If you never take heed on the lesson you learn, the universe has to keep delivering the same lesson.  by Lisa Nichols.



  • Did that resonate with you?


  • Have you a dream that you have let go and didn’t follow through on?”


  • “Are you ready to dream again?”


We have been programmed from the time we have been born by the people around us. Our parents, siblings, minsters, priests, teachers, authority figures by their beliefs. If you believe in past lives like I do, then you have brought through beliefs, an many are  from your generation line, and those beliefs can go back 7 generations.
  • What if I say you can change and turn those beliefs around and create new beliefs?”.


  • What is you Soul telling you? 


  • “What are you feeling a Yes or No?”


“What if you could talk to someone who understands where you are at. Who could open a door for you to see there is a way forward and create a life you want?”
  • Do You ….
    “Want to Stand in your Empowerment and   Your Truth?”

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