How Many Have Given up on a Dream?

How you may have given up on a dream or something in your life?”

Maybe you have given up on an opportunity, a great job or career, because you felt obliged to be there for family, or someone else.

Or you sacrificed a relationship, because your work had you travelling three quarters of the year, and you lost the love of your life.

Or the dream of having a business, a change of lifestyle, or whatever it is you desired, and you felt by sacrificing whatever it was, you were doing the right thing, however perhaps now you feel unfulfilled and empty.

Many people in the world today believe they are not worthy to have it all. They don’t believe they can have the wonderful relationship, the great job, the nice car or house. Somewhere, deep inside of them, they feel they are not worthy to have it all. They think to have what they desire, it has to be hard, they don’t believe that it can be easy, to achieve all the things they wish for. They have limiting beliefs holding them back.

When one of my friends was starting up a consultancy business, everything was flowing with ease. The name of the consultancy business, the domain name, the contacts, the referrals, and the resources. When I asked, “how does it feel that this is all happening for you, it’s all coming together?”

 The comment was, “it shouldn’t be this easy“. My immediate response was, “where did that belief come from”? They looked at me in stunned silence, then they slowly commented, “Well it’s supposed to be hard, it has to be hard work”.

My comment was, “when everything is flowing towards you with ease, you’re feeling good and everything is feeling right.  Then that is a good sign and confirmation that you are heading in the right direction.”

Many believe everything you require must be hard, “It’s like the analogy of rowing upstream against the current, its hard work, however, if you let the oars go, and flow with the current, you find everything you require and much more is downstream”.

 Another example,  this happen to me a few years back. I had been told about a yoga festival, and the person encouraged me to get a stall. She gave me the magazine, and who to contact. I contacted the organizer, however all the stalls were sold out. She told me she would put me on the waiting list. I felt okay about that.

About ten days later, I received an email advising that there had been a cancellation, and I had 24 hours to say yes, if I still wanted the stall.  At the same time, my emails had gone down for 3 days. I contacted the organizer apologizing, and explaining why I had missed the deadline, and what the problem had been. I accepted that I may have missed getting the stall.

I received an email back a day or two later, advising she hadn’t done a ring around, and the stall was still available. I had a stall at the festival.

The second part of this story was I required a banner, because I didn’t have my normal banner with me.  My friend and graphic designer had the file, and we found a company who would print it for me, all my friend had to do was resize the specs for the company printing it. Simple a job, which would take 15 or 30 minutes.

What happened, the specs were correct to what the company were requesting, however every time they tried placing the order and load it to the website the preview came out wrong.

After several hours trying several different ways, checking, and rechecking, they gave up that night. They rang me the next morning explaining what was happening, and asking me to get more details, a phone number so we could talk the problem through.

I did, things seemed to start to go smoothly, we had someone who knew what had to be done, and said they could print it. The company printing the banner, collaborated with another company, and the file and order had to go through this other company and had to be loaded to their website.

Then everything got hard, no one on the phones listened, they were giving stock answers, and it was like they were reading from a script. While waiting on hold, they advertised, “we take phone orders”, I tried to give my order over the phone, and the answer was “no, we can’t do that it has to be done online”.

It all became very hard, frustrating, I wasn’t getting answers, help or solutions. No one was listening or trying to help.  I pulled the plug, rang my friend, and said it’s getting too hard and I am not having a banner.

I had posters with me, that I could use, we brainstormed and came up with funky ways how I could display them.  Within half an hour of locating and finding the items I required to set up the stall, I had everything. It all flowed with ease, grace and I felt great.  When things flow, you feel good, you feel the satisfaction and the excitement of it all coming together.  This is the way it is supposed to be,

When it is hard work, frustration, and stress sets in, you get angry, upset and you lose all the joy of doing what it is you want to do. You may feel you are not meant to do it, or this is not for you. Step back and reassess things, and look at the alternatives.

In my case pushing for a banner was not the right thing, and as it turned out, it would have been a mistake. However, the alternative that we came up with, was the correct solution, and everything turned out perfectly.

When it’s getting hard, this is a sign to stop and look at what is happening.  Just because it gets hard you don’t have to throw your arms up in the air, and say this is too hard, I am not meant to do this, and give up your dream.

By stepping back, reassessing things, you can discover other ways, solutions,  brain storming with someone, to see alternatives and achieving what you want.

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