How to Create More Joy In Life

This week I am going to share a couple of processes with you, ones you can do anytime of the day. I love doing these processes especially in the morning, they put me in a great feeling place of joy and happiness.

Each morning while I am having quiet time, I write  in my book of positive aspects everything I appreciate and love that is in my life. This creates the feelings of joy, happiness, love, appreciation, and feeling good. By creating and feeling these emotions, more good things come into your life.

Positive Aspects – I write down what I see around me, and what I love about everything in my life.

  • What I love and appreciate in nature. I list the plants, the birds, the flowers, what I hear etc.
  • What I love and appreciate about my home, and again I write about specifics.
  • What I love and appreciate about my friends. There gifts, humour, what you love about them.
  • What I love and appreciate about my work colleagues and work.
  • What I love dancing, sitting on the deck appreciating the beauty and enjoying my morning coffee. Reading, walking on the beach and how everyday its different.
  • I appreciate the evidence that shows up in my life of things I have asked for.
  • I appreciate the abundance and prosperity that surrounds me.
  • I look for all the positives in my life, and write about them. I do this daily in the mornings, it really sets me up for the day.



Recording the Evidence –  I love this process, I record the evidence of what I have manifested in my life. No matter how big or small it is, I still write it down. It’s great to read it daily, and keep adding to it. What this does, it is showing you proof that things are showing up in your life that you desire.

Both these processes put you into feeling good, positive, happy, joyful, and loving vibration and energy again. It creates, and brings up the emotions of love, joy and happiness, which is what creates more good things into your lives.

I also use the positive aspects if I am feeling tired, or a little out of sorts, by writing about the things I love, that I see about me, it helps shift my perspective and energy, I start feeling better.

Plus, I have affirmations that I love, and really resonate with me, which I repeat daily and throughout the day, and they are: –

  • “Everything is always working out for me”,
  •  “Things are always working out for me”,
  • “Money flows to me from expected and unexpected sources”.
  • “Today is a really great day”.

Money, I see as dollars and cents, however, I also see it as being bought a drink, or cup of coffee, or a meal, or receiving a gift or have been given  something.  All these things for me, all come under the umbrella of money.


Hence, when recording in my book of evidence, I will write down things like like having a meal paid, a coffee etc. For example, in real estate, I will write down positive things, like getting a listing, a property selling, being asked to do an appraisal. Broaden your horizon when appreciating things in your life.

This one may take practice. However, if someone in your life receives a gift, or money, or something wonderful. Feel the joy and excitement for them.

What this does, it is sending that energy of joy, excitement, and expectation out into the universe, and you will be attracting more good back to you.

If you feel jealous or envious, that energy also comes back, with people not being nice, an unexpected bill, or other negative things happening.

Remember, always give yourself Self-Love, by giving yourself love you are healing yourself and becoming whole. Give yourself a hug, or look in the mirror and tell the person looking back at you, how much you love them.



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