“How To Feel Joyful”!

big heart love self love yourselfA tip that can uplift you and leaving you feeling joyful.

I was inspired to write this tip, because I had been looking at a list, I first created in August 2015 on my phone, of all the things I love in my life.

When I was going through a bad patch in my life I read the list daily, in fact several times a day. When I was waiting for someone, traveling on the bus, having a cuppa.  As the months gone by, my list has grown, as I keep adding other things that I discover that I love.

I still have my list that I read daily, however, now I as I go about my activities like driving or having my morning cuppa. I acknowledge verbally what I love about the day, about nature, what I love to do, my skills, talents.

Then I heard about a person who had created a list, however it was about a person. What a wonderful thing to list all the things your love about your relationships, or that special person in your life. Imagine how your relationships would improve.  I felt it would be good to share this tip with you, and who knows what may transpire out of it.happy cat


By creating a list of the things you love about life and yourself. What you love to eat, what you love about nature, what flowers you love, how you love your animals, the people you love, ornaments, what you love about you, your eyes, hair, your gifts, talents and skills you love.  The list can be as long as you like, and you can keep adding to it, and it can include homes, cars, people, relationships, friends, pets, spots, art, rainbows, clouds, ocean, whatever in life you love.

Then read it daily, at least twice a day in the morning and evening.  Whenever you have a spare moment. While you are having a cuppa, waiting for someone, travelling to work by bus or train.

You will discover that as you read your list, your energy will lift, you look at life differently, and you feel happier and joyful. Feeling happier and joyful you will attract more positive and happier events into your life.

Don’t to forget to include yourself in this list. Listing the things that you love about yourself, will help you in more ways than you realize.  When creating your list start with “I love ……”  For example “I love rainbows” “I love sunny days” “I love my morning coffee” “I love ……”.  The list can be endless, name your pets, food you love. As you read you list and say the word I love you create that vibration and energy within you that goes out into the Universe and attracts more wonderful things into you life.

Some may find this a bit difficult because they don’t believe it, they feel not good enough, or worthy, or they find it hard to accept. They may have been put down or criticised over the years. Many find it hard to accept compliments, when you are listing what you love or even like about yourself, it is the same as a compliment. You are complimenting yourself.complients smley face on hand

The more you add to your list and read it, the more you start believing in yourself. You start seeing the world with a different perspective, with new eyes, you feel happier, more joyful.

When you feeling a bit flat or down, reading your list helps shift your energy to help you climb up the ladder, to a better feeling place. You have the feeling of hope, feeling more positive and happier.

What you focus on expands and results show.

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