How To Make Wise Choices

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Sharing tips to look for when making decisions, and how to know if you are making a wise choice that’s right for you.

When making decisions you have the practical reasons, you do the research, check out all the things necessary, you explore all avenues, and you do the due diligence. You look at all the facts regarding the decision or opportunity. What you see paints a good or bad picture, however there is another aspect to take into account, many don’t take heed of this other aspect or pay any attention to it.


This other aspect is your intuition or gut feeling as many call it. Your intuition or gut feeling / instinct is like your own built in GPS, it gives you warnings or confirmation. It does this by what are you feeling, what is surfacing within you, what is resonating, what feels good or bad, do you feel excited, does your heart sing, or do you feel negative emotions like doubt, not sure regarding the decision or opportunity you are looking at.

By paying attention to these feelings and your gut instinct / intuition you start to see another picture being painted for you as well. You may feel really good about the decision, it resonates with you, you have excitement anticipation and your heart sings. Or you may be receiving warning bells, or seeing red flags, these are warnings to take it slowly, look at the facts more closely do more research. Take heed what is surfacing for you in the way of your feelings and your gut instinct / intuition.

If you find that everything seems to be flowing with ease, it feels good and it is resonating with you, you have the feeling of joy and happiness, excited anticipation, and your heart sings. These are all good signs that are pointing to a positive decision. You are feeling really good about what you have seen already, then you are in a good place to make a good informed decision.

Or after you done all your research and looked at the facts, done your due diligence, you are seeing warning signs, red flags, you are feeling unsure, your gut / instinct is feeling uncomfortable, and the picture that is being painted is not that good. This is helping you to make an informed decision on what you will decide to do.


There will be times that you make a decision that you have seen the warning signs and the red flags. Having done the research and due diligence you make the decision to still go ahead, you are aware and have  seen the possible red flags. You have made an informed decision based on your perception, facts, research and even taken note of your gut instinct / intuition. You have made the decision with awareness and eyes open, and you know you may have to make adjustments or changes along the way.

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When making your decision you will have two choices, the one that feels good or the one that is showing some red flags. If you have chosen the path that has the warning signs, the red flags, know that there is never a mistake. This journey will still take you towards your dream, goal or whatever it is you desire. It may take you on circular route to get there. The gifts, skills, knowledge and talents you learn along the way will hold you in good steed, and help to make your dream, goal or whatever you desire to come to fruition.


What you perceive as a mistake or bad situation there is always a positive aspect, in the way of gold nuggets, a gift, something positive in the experience. This can be through the people who you have encountered along the way, the lessons, the letting go of the past, and letting go deep seated emotions. By being appreciative and grateful for what you have experience in the past, you have grown into the person you are today, a much stronger and positive person for the experiences.


In life you have two choices you are presented with when making decisions. Depending whatever way you decided to go in the past you will have a greater appreciation and understanding of the other side.

If you chose the negative in the past, and if you can learn to appreciate the lessons by seeing them as gifts and the positive aspects that you gained from the experiences.  Plus being grateful for what you learnt. By appreciating and being grateful for the lessons you have had. You can appreciate how they have helped you to be the person you are today.

You will see them as gifts that you have gained, and when you recognize them as positive aspects in your life, you start attracting more positive things into your life. If you dwell on the negative aspect of the experiences, then you attract more negativity into your life.

 dessertHere is an example.

If you have only ever experience desert hot, dry weather all your life. You would not understand when someone came into your life and spoke about the freezing cold, wet or frosty days, or talked about rain, you would not understand how any of that feels like.

The same goes for a person who has only lived in colder climates and has only experience, cold snowy days, freezing temperatures, continuously wet days. They would have no comprehension when someone talked about the desert and continuously hot dry scorching sunny days.cartoon cold wet

When a person has experienced the different climates, they appreciate and are grateful when the rain comes, or the cooler days arrive, if they have experienced nonstop hot dry days. Or if they have only experience cold, wet, rainy snowy days, they appreciate and are grateful when the warm sunny hot dry weather comes.

Through experiencing the different climates they have learnt to appreciate the blessings they have gained from the experiences. They have an understanding and have discovered the gifts, the positive aspects and gold nuggets from those experiences and included them into their lives.

When you experience both the positive and negative sides you appreciate everything at a much deeper level, and you grow from the experiences. This is the same when you can embrace both the positive and negative choices in your life, and see them as gifts, and positive aspects, that you have gained, you have a greater appreciation of both.

For me, this year has been a journey of following the path which had many detours on it. Each detour has been right and correct for me. It has allowed me to embrace the universal laws fully, by allowing, detaching from outcomes, surrendering to what is, and negative emotions that surfaced.  Each detour has offered me tools, knowledge, skills to help me get closer to my dream and goals.  I have also grown from the experience and have found a greater sense of peace, harmony, joy and happiness in my life. I am manifesting many positive opportunities that are taking me towards my dream and goals, and everything is flowing with frutration

I have had tests along the way like stumbling blocks, and challenges that didn’t flow easily. By recognizing and accepting them for what they were, and making adjustments and changes along the way, I found I attracted other wonderful things into my life. It feels like magic is happening.

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