‘I Am’

This week I am going to re-touch on a topic I have spoken about in the past; However, I am going to give you another perspective.i am  two powerful words

Over the last couple of months, I have been listening to inspirational videos  every morning, by Brian Ridgeway. This week, one of the topics was ‘I Am’ and really gave me a different perspective.

You all know when you say the word ‘I Am’ – it has a very powerful meaning. You are connecting with part of the divine within you, and your soul.  ‘I Am’ is used often in positive affirmations, writing in your Gratitude Journal, “I am so happy and grateful ……………”

You are creating a powerful positive energy and vibration in your statements when you use ‘I Am’. You are sending that energy/vibration out to the people in your world, and the Universe. By sending out these powerful positive messages, energy/vibration you are attracting back to you, positive experiences as well. Like Mike Dooley said in The Secret ‘Like Attracts Like’. When you send out kindness, appreciation, you will receive this back, often from a place or person you didn’t expect it to come from.

However, when you speak with anger, negatively, or say something hurtful, you are also sending this energy out into the world around you.  What happens you will find that you are experiencing and receiving more anger, hurt pain into your life as well.

The question in the video was, “how many times in your life have you said, “I am sad”, I am a looser”, I am angry”, “I am unloved”, “I am sick” etc?”quote I am worthy louise hay

Whatever your statements that you are saying, you are sending that energy out into your world, and the Universe. A suggestion was made to revoke all those negative statements, that have been made in the past.


For example – “Today I am withdrawing all my power and revoking all statements that haven’t been for my highest good, and had ‘I Am’ in the statement, I now revoke them all.”

Replacing them with new statements that will be for your highest good, and help you live a more joyful and happy life.

For example, “I Am Love”, “I Am Joy”, “I Am Peace”, “Every day and every way I am getting better and better” “I am always okay, things always work out for me” “Today I am having a really good day”.

The word ‘I Am’ is very powerful, it represents the divine within you. You may refer to this as God, Spirit, or your Divine.  What this statement ‘I Am’ does, it helps you remember who you are. You are part of god, spirit, you are part of the divine. You have just forgotten. Your soul is the part of the divine, and reminds you through its own messages and guidance.

Have you received nudges or promptings to do something? Do you have an intuitive feeling to ring someone, go to a certain place? When you have, you  met someone. You may have had received a solution to a problem. The person may have told you some information you were looking for.  This is your Soul reminding you, who you are, and giving you guidance and wisdom along the way. Your soul is letting you know, ‘You’ are not alone, you have your own internal guidance within you. You only to have to ask for help.

Taking this a step further, “how often have you had a nudge or intuitive thought or gut instinct?”, and on hindsight you looked back, and realized that it was positive outcome.I am - free to dance etc

What If – today you start saying positive statements that have ‘I Am’ in them, and do them daily and see how your life unfolds.

Statements like – “I Am Love, I Am Joy, I Am Peace”, and other positive statements, that resonate with you, with the words ‘I Am” in them.

What if you started a Gratitude Journal – and every night write 5 things that you have been grateful for that day, (each day 5 different things)

Starting with “I Am so Happy and Grateful …………..”.  By doing this exercise, you are reminding yourself, of all the good moments that you have had in your day. It’s putting you into a place of feeling peace and joy as you retire for the night.

I am

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