Another Universal Law is about  Intention, or Deliberate Creation. This is when you put an intention out there for something you would like to achieve. You focus on it, feel what it would be like to have it in your life.

Word of warning, when putting your intention down on paper, or voicing it, be careful what you ask for.

This happen to me recently,

  • I put an intention out for an offer to come in on a property.
  • I saw the offer on paper, however I hadn’t really clarified exactly what I wanted regarding the offer.
  • An offer did come in on the property,  however it was cheeky low.
  • I laughed, because I did manifest what I asked for,
  • I had forgotten to ask for it to be a good offer that everyone would be happy with.

If you are not sure what you really want, or to do get clarification, do this exercise

First Step

  • Take some time out and list all the thing things you don’t like about your life.
  • You know what they are, because that is where your focus and thoughts are majority of the time.
  •  By listing all the things you don’t want in your life, this helps clear the fog, and you can then start thinking about what it is you do want.



Second Step.

  • Create a list with things you do want in your life,
  • Think about all areas of your life, family, relationships, career, finance, and health etc.
  • If you get stuck look at your list that you don’t want, and see what is the opposite of each one on your don’t want list.
  •  At this stage don’t worry too much how it will unfold,
  • At the moment it’s getting clear on what you do want in your life in all areas.


Third Step

  •  Create an intention for each area of your life, of what you would like your life to be in each area.
  • As you write the intention for each area of your life,
  • Get into the feeling of what it would feel like to have that.
  • Visualize it, and see yourself already experiencing what it feels like.
  • Using words like joy, love, happiness, how, to describe it, so it creates that feeling for you.
  •  Look and read it each day,
  • Get into the feeling, visualize it, see yourself experiencing it, and feel the joy and happiness.
  •  Your subconscious mind is the power house, it doesn’t know if what you are visualizing Is real or not, it takes it that it is real, and it starts bringing more of the same things into your life.

Eg – When you were changing your car,

  • You see make, model, colour, that you love, and you thought I have never seen this car before or colour.
  • Then wherever you go you start seeing the car, colour, etc.
  • You have been focused on that particular model of car and you start seeing it everywhere.
  • Your subconscious mind realizing that is what you were focus on, started showing the same cars to you wherever you went.

Be careful with your thoughts as the same happens when thinking or feeling negative, things seem to get worse. One way to help overcome that is feel good and appreciate everything in your life.


One thing I do –

  • I am grateful and appreciate everything in my life.
  • The feelings of being blessed, helps creates more positive energy, vibration within you,
  • The positive energy, of joy, happiness, love, gratitude, appreciation, attracts more of those feelings within your life, and this vibration / frequency helps to attract what it is you want in your life to manifest.
  • The Universe doesn’t understand your words,
  • It understands your feelings, energy, frequency and vibration that you are transmitting. (Same goes for both negative and positive energy)


When you can say “thank you” for everything in your life,

  • To your circumstances both good and not so good.
  • Your gifts you are being shown, the beautiful day,
  • Your eyesight, health, clothes you are wearing, food you eat, the chair you are sitting on, bed you sleep in.
  •  By saying these two magic words, ‘Thank You’, things do start to improve for you.
  •  I have read and heard stories, and experience it myself.
  • How people lives have been turned around, relationships, health, careers have improved, when people started to say “thank you”.
  • I even experienced it when I was dancing at club night, and we were changing partners in a circle.
  • One gentleman, as we parted said ‘Thank You’,
  • He said it with such meaning, it maybe look back to see why,
  • Then I realized he was appreciating the moment.
  •  It made me feel good as well.


This reminds me of a mentor I had and her story.

When she was 18 she was so depressed and she kept telling her story to everyone who would listen, and her friends were getting tired of hearing the same story all the time.

Then one day her friends said to her, “we love you and want to help you, but you have to do something for us first”. She said “yes I will.”

They said “we want you to show gratitude and say thank you for everything in your life, and do it for 21 days straight”. She agreed.

To start with she had to do the basics, be thankful for the knife, fork and spoon to eat her food. For the chair she sat in, her bed she slept in. 

It took her 4 days before she found other things in her life that she appreciated.

She not only did  it for 21 days, she kept going for 3 years straight. Stopped, and then started again and continues to this day to show appreciation 50 plus years later.


Remember – when creating your intentions,

  • Be open and accepting.
  • Don’t be judgmental or demand where you want it to come from.
  • Leave the HOW to The Universe.
  • When you demand, you are stopping yourself, and you a moving into an unappreciative state.

When you start living in a state of gratitude, appreciation, and saying those two magic words  ‘Thank You’, your life changes, and you can manifest many wonderful things into your life


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