Message from Quartz Crystal

This week, it  is a message that came from a Quartz crystal back in October 2013, and at the same time I pulled the quartz crystal card to see what message it had.

Reading the messages, I felt it was very appropriate to share it with you this week.  I felt both messages from the quartz and the card was for someone. Someone wanting to hear the crystals message, and it will help others as well.

quartz1October 2013 Many are feeling lost and disillusioned; you are searching for something and you’re not sure what. You are chasing around hoping to find some answers, peace, or solution to the challenges you have. Wanting relief from the unrest or restlessness you are feeling.

If you stopped and reflected within, with what is surfacing within you, you would see a different picture, you are looking outside of yourself, the answers lie within.

By taking time to share a hug, opening your heart up to love, learning to love who you are, you will find so much more peace and contentment, and honour who you are.

Still that over active monkey mind, by stilling that active mind by focusing on your breath, observe the breath as you inhale and observe the breath as you exhale. Take time to watch and focus totally on your breath, you will find this will help still that monkey mind of yours.

Being thankful, appreciating and feeling gratitude for what you already have in your life. Instead of dwelling on all the negatives, what you don’t have, and what’s not working, you are attracting more of that into your life.

Being thankful, and appreciating what you do have, it can be as simple as the chair you are sitting on, the sun is shining, seeing the flowers in the garden, hearing the birds singing, or your home.

When you appreciate what you already have in your life, being thankful, feeling gratitude for what you already have. You will feel more love in your life, and you find it easier to appreciate the gifts you already have.

Appreciate those beautiful eyes, your lovely hair, your special gift, talent or skill.  Your wonderful infectious laugh, that inspires others to laugh with you, as it feels good to do so. Your lovely smile that lights you up, and make others happy and feel good, through you smiling at them, even a perfect stranger can be uplifted by your smile.

By appreciating Who You Are, learning to love Yourself; there is no shame or silliness by loving who you are, and know you are worthy to have, and loving yourself, you will find peace and fulfilment in your life.

Looking for the key to life or to happiness outside of yourself, is like thinking “if only someone will love me, I will be happy, or if only I had great wealth, I will be happy. Or if I …..fill in the blank I will be happy“.

The key to life is happiness, its starts with you, by learning to love who you are, appreciating You, and appreciating Your wonderful gifts, talents and skills.

Everyone is unique and everyone has something special to offer to the world, and it may be that beautiful smile. By smiling at someone even a stranger you may make their day, and change the course of their life, by that smile. Simply by showing someone cared enough to give them a smile.

Clear Quartz  from the Crystal Oracle Cards Life is all about the high and lows you experience in your lives, the peaks and the valleys. My message today is reach for the highs, reach for the peaks of the mountains, there is so much light hope, you can see more when you look up. By looking up, you can see more, see further and you see the big picture. By hiding in the gullies, you can’t see where you are going, you only see what’s in front of you.

To rise above your challenges, you are required to climb the peaks, the mountains, so you can see much further.  You can do this, it depends if you want to move forward, or stay stuck where you are.

Negative thinking is like being in the valleys or gullies and that feels dark, you can’t see ahead, you feel locked into your challenges, and you can’t see any hope. Seeing the mountain peaks as the highs, positivity, hope, and light, you change your perspective, your energy will shift and you will start to feel lighter, positive, and brighter about your situation.

Looking at the card there are many peaks and you have choices, and peaks that you can climb in your life. “Do you choose to look for those peaks and climb them?” It will have its challenges, however learning to appreciate what you already have, being happy with whom you are in the present moment, will help you climb the peak.

It helps shift your emotions as you start to go through the various emotions as you climb up the peak. As you climb, you will go through depression, hatred, revenge, anger, discouragement, blame, worry. As you climb higher up you will start to find yourself moving into more happier feelings like hope, optimism, positivity, expectation, belief, joy, happiness.

On the card there are many peaks, points, and the message, these peaks are all around you, look for them.

  • You may find them in a place you least expect;
  • like a person may say something which is helpful to you.
  • A perfect stranger may smile at you,
  • You feel inspired to go somewhere,
  • Pick up a book,
  • You hear a lyric or song on the radio, that speaks to you

The messages of help are all around you, it’s being aware and alert, and open to them. Feel appreciative and gratitude for these things you already have in your life.

You will start to feel better, lighter, optimistic and you will see good things starting to come into your life.

Most of all appreciate You, love who you are. Love the way you look, that smile of yours, those wonderful eyes you have, your wonderful laugh, the quirkiness of being you. Your sense of humour.  By learning to love and appreciating yourself, feeling good about You, then others will love you for who you are as well.

The message that the crystals want to convey is love ‘Who You Are’. Love Yourselves. By loving yourself you love and appreciate others in your life.


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