Path to Change

The path of change, and heading towards those dreams and goals. When you start on your path of change, you have a desire, goal or a big dream that you are wanting to achieve. As you proceed on the path of change,  you start to grow, and so does your dream or goal, and you discover new paths, which are branching off the main one.decision arrows

Some may be dead ends; others may not interest you. Then, there will be others, that make you stop and look, and you feel drawn to explore them. Whatever, paths you choose, know they are still taking you towards your dream, goals and desire. However, each path you take, you will experience different things and experiences, which help you grow, and are beneficial in achieving your goal, dream or desire.

Many feel, when they come to the cross roads and head in one direction, it was a mistake. There are no mistakes, each path takes you through different learning experiences, which help you grow. As you change and grow, so will your dream, goals, and desires. You will discover these paths bring many different things into your life, things you didn’t envisage. They could be more joy, fun, a different perspective, an opportunity, which you didn’t expect.changes is hard at first messy in the middle beautiful at end

Remember to enjoy the journey, this is what change is about, enjoying the journey, not waiting till you reach the destination. Your dream, goals or desire also evolve, as you travel down the path, and transform into something, even bigger than you even imagined.

Keep your sights on the end results, however, stay open to explore other paths, if they feel right, resonate with you, and make your heart sing. No use exploring paths if they make you feel heavy, dragging your feet, procrastination, and it doesn’t resonate with you. If you are finding this is happening, then it’s not the path for you.

When you are on the right path, and heading in the right direction, you will know, because it will be resonating with you, and you will feel light, your heart sings with the feeling of joy, and happiness and you will be at peace. Plus, having the feeling gratitude and appreciation for everything in your life, and attracts more good things to you.embrace change - Copy

When you choose to take the step towards change, your own GPS, your guidance system, will help you, this is your gut instinct, known as your intuition. By listening to your intuition, or gut instinct, it will guide you through any doubts, fears, and insecurities that will surface.

Have you ever had a gut instinct about something, and you followed through on it? When you looked back, things turned out far better than you expected, and you felt good, that was  listening to your GPS.



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