Releasing Resistance

Resistance – “Do you know when you are resisting something?” Physically you may be aware when you are resisting. “However, what about when it comes to emotions, thoughts, feelings and your energy?”

  • What do I mean by that?”  
  • “Do you desire or want something in your life?”
  •  “You have put out the intention, and visualized how it would feel in your life?”

As time goes along, you start to  feel despondent, and thinking it’s not working, it’s not happening.

You have a list of why’s, it’s not happening. You may start blaming this person, or that one, or you may blame the different circumstances you are experiencing in life, or life in general.

This is resistance. What has been happening, a repelling and pushing away energy  has been created, through your thoughts, words, feelings, and emotions.

Remember, the Universe responds to your feelings and energy.

If you are putting out positive energy, you will attract back the same.

If you are putting out negative energy, and feelings you will attract more of the same.

When you start to feel yourself slipping, or going into a downward spiral, start asking yourself questions.

  • What do I want to experience?
  • What do I want to feel?
  • What do I want to feel now?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • How do I want to feel about this experience?
  • Where is this feeling coming from?
  • What gifts in this experience am I am missing?

When you start asking yourself questions, you start shifting your perspective, and your energy.

For instance, if you are feeling upset, or anxious, when you ask the question,

  • What do I want to experience?” Your answer may be “peace“.
  • If you say peace, ask
  • “What do I want to experience now?” You may say “calmness”.
  •  Then ask “what do I want to experience now?
  •  Or How do I want to feel now?”

As you ask questions, you are starting to shift your thoughts and feelings, and finding a better feeling thought.

  • For example, I recently had an experience where I went through a raft of emotions. Upset, agitation, fear, disappointed, sadness.
  • As I asked the questions “what do I want to experience now”, my answer was peace.
  • “What do I want to feel now? Calmness”.
  • What do I want to feel now? Happiness”.
  • Then a thought came to me, to step outside onto the deck.
    As I stepped out onto the deck, I took a deep breath of fresh air, and I felt a shift in my energy, and started to feel better, calmer, peaceful, and happier.

I started to get clarity of what was happening to me. In my case, those feelings, were mine through my thoughts,  and what I had been feeling.

However, they were enhanced dramatically, because the house I was in, the owner had been feeling similar emotions, that I had been experiencing, due to an accident she had. I was in the same energy vibration that she had been feeling and experiencing.

My feelings were enhanced dramatically, due to me being sensitive to other people’s energies, and feelings. This explained why I was feeling so agitated, extreme disappointment, deep sadness, doubts, worry. Which at first, had me quite puzzled, why I was feeling these emotions to such an extreme.

Once I stepped out onto the deck, and took in a deep breath of fresh air, everything shifted for me. I felt calmer, peaceful, and happier. I started enjoying sitting out there watching the birds flying around.  By being able to shift my energy into a more better feeling place, it helped me start releasing the negative feelings. Those negative feelings were creating resistance within me.

As you ask the questions, you may feel guided to do something, or you may see a solution, or get inspired.  The questions help move you back into the flow of feeling hopeful, optimistic, happier, joyful. Other words the art of allowing, and being open to receive more positive ideas, feelings, and inspired thoughts.

Once I got home, I used another technique called EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique, or also known as Tapping. By doing the tapping it created a lot of emotions to surface, which included tears.

Tears are good, because they are cleansing, and help to soften those harden stuck energies that are deep within. The tapping can help release  those energies, and  limiting beliefs you have, and you are able to start creating new positive beliefs.  In the video I demonstrate how to do the tapping  

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