Riding the Waves

This is about riding the waves of emotion, and I share an experience I had,  and  how I was given a lovely visualization by spirit to help me move forward.

Letting go is sometimes the hardest thing to do. Then there are other times you have thought you have let go, and then something happens, that makes you realize you haven’t.  You realize other layers are surfacing, it’s like peeling an onion.

This happened to me, everything was going well, I was surfing the high and low waves really well and taking them in my stride. I was sailing along pretty well.  From time to time another layer would show up to be released, and I would wonder “where did that come from? 

“What’s that all about?” 

Like every surfer, they get a rogue wave which causes them to fall off the board, and that happened to me.  Several incidents had happened, nearly one after the other.

I was sailing along really well, then I was hit by a curve ball wave, and I fell. Then the waves of emotion swelled up and swamped me. I allowed myself to ride the wave of despair, and knew that it was ok to let these emotions to flow, as they really wanted out.

By nurturing, allowing the feelings to flow, pampering myself, I eventually became calm and peaceful. The next morning, I was back to my happy positive self, showing gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful day.

The wisdom I want to part is allow yourself to ride those high and low waves, it is part of life. Look at nature, the ocean, the waves roll into high tide, then starts to recede to low tide.  If you can look at the low waves, as your low moments,  negative thoughts, sad feelings, hurt painful emotions which all require to be released. Once they are released, there is a vacuum which requires to be filled, and this is when you fill it with the high wave of hope, positivity, gratitude, appreciation, peace,  joy and happiness.

Tears are good,and are cleansing and healing, because they wash away those painful emotions, hurts and pain. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know why you are shedding the tears, just realize that something has become unglued, and requires to be let go and released. Know that once you have ridden that low wave, you will be catching the high wave with a more positive outlook and joy on life.

Here is the visualization to help you when you are riding the low wave.

“Imagine you are holding in both your hands the strings of lots of balloons. You are gripping those strings so tightly because the balloons are being caught by the breeze and wanting to soar.  Yet you keep such a strong hold on them, your hands hurt as the strings cut into your hands. Your neck, shoulders, back and are all tensed.  Those balloons represent all your negative thoughts, emotions, a few of their names are fear, worry, hurt, pain, sadness, anger, distrust. Now open your hands wide, and let go of the strings and allow the balloons to float away, and see them getting higher and higher. The higher they get they seem to be changing into lots of different colours, and then they disappear into the white golden light of the sun, to be transformed into positive emotions, thoughts and feelings. As you watch, you feel lighter, and the burdens have been lifted off your shoulders.  Allow yourself to imagine you are also floating up into the light of the white golden light. You feel the warmth, you see the beauty of the colours, you feel so light, allow yourself to linger in this beautiful warm restful golden colour. When you are ready float back to earth with that wonderful warm joyful feeling. Ready to take the reins of life and catch the next high wave of joy and happiness.”


Everything I am experiencing
reflects myself, therefore
I don’t have to try and escape.
There is nowhere to escape to!
And as long as I see myself as
the creator of my reality, I wouldn’t
want to escape even if I could.
My life is part of every other life.
My connection to all living things
makes it impossible that I have enemies,
I feel no need to oppose, resist,
conquer or destroy. I have no need
 to control anyone or anything.”–
Deepak Chopra



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