Segment Intending

I am sharing a process with you that you may find helpful.. There will be days and times you will feel unmotivated, and find yourself procrastinating. The process is called Segment Intending.

I am going to tell true story, as it will help you relate more with it. It does include a friend in America and it was to do with Thanksgiving.
It was the night before Thanksgiving,

  • Julie had forgotten to get some items for Thanksgiving dinner. The shop was 5km way, and she had 5 set of lights to go through, it was rush hour traffic, plus it was raining heavily, and dark wet night. Julie put the intention out that she would have a good run to the supermarket; she would have the green lights at all the traffic lights, and the traffic would flow smoothly. Everything she asked for happened.
  • On the way to the Supermarket she put out an intention that she would get a car park close to the door as possible, as she drove into the supermarket, the car park was full, she thought all my usual parks have gone, then right near the door at a place she normally never goes to there was a car park.
  • As she got out of the car she gave the intention that she would find all the things she wanted quickly and easily and not get held up looking for them.
  • Julie found all of them except one item, there was an assistant in the aisle she was looking in. The assistant said I know where it is, I will go and get it for you, while you get the rest of your things. All this happened very quickly.
  • She even got through the checkout quickly and was on the way home in a very short time.

She had put out the intention that she wanted it all go smoothly for her and it did.  She got home and her husband said gosh you were quick, did you find everything?

Try doing some Segment Intending on small things, and then gradually moving up to bigger things. Be in a Positive Good Mood, because if you are feeling good you are putting that vibration/energy out and so you will attract good experience’s.

If you do it when you are feeling negative and stressed you may just attract more of what you don’t want. So if you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed.

  • Stop, take 3 deep breaths and as you let each breath go just feel all your tension, stress go with that breath.
  • Appreciate what you have in your life and appreciate something that is good in the moment. Eg the chair you are sitting, or a hot drink.
  • Thinking of nice memory or appreciating something in your home or jewellery you love, will help put you in the feeling peace, and positive mood.
  • When you appreciate things, you do have in your life, this will help you get into a positive space, so you can start your segment intending.
  • Then start your segment intending. You can even visualize it and what it would feel like.
  • Suggestion – start with small time frames with segment intending, for eg you may have job or chore you want to do, put the intention out that whatever it is you are wanting to accomplish, that it will flow, with ease, and everything will happen easily and effortlessly. See what transpire
  • Go back and re-read Julie drive to the supermarket, this will help you get into it.
  • Enjoy the process



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