Signs from The Universe

Knowing the signs  from the Universe and Spirit , and know you are being guided and being looked after. 

However, much of the time you are so busy, rushing around with a dozen things to do. You are not aware of the subtle messages that are coming to you throughout your day.

 From spirit – “Human beings are so busy being in their heads, and rushing around, they forget to stop and take time out. To quieten their minds, and to hear the quite subtle messages that are being given to them”.

 Some signs that you may experience when your Angels, Guides, Spirit, or The Universe are attempting to communicate with you?



  • Have you ever been thinking or even speaking of someone you haven’t seen for a while, and within a few hours, or day or two, that person contacts you, or you bump into them when you are out and about.
  • Intuition – which is a feeling you have often in your solar plexus area or referred sometimes as your gut feeling. A knowing, a feeling, you know that it is something to take heed of.
    “How many times have you looked back, and saw how things unfolded, when you followed your instinct, gut feeling, and when you didn’t follow it?”


  • You are sitting quietly absorbed in some activity, or daydreaming, you see a flash of light, or you thought you saw a person, and when you look around there is nothing there. It’s another sign that your guides, angels are near by.



  • The feeling of cobwebs, or a tingling sensation, or light feathery feeling in your hair, as if someone is touching your hair. Often this means your guides, angels, are wanting your attention, and are letting you know they are there.
    By stopping, and acknowledging them, and then being aware of your feelings, thoughts, or ideas that come to you. You may find they have a message for you.



  • Synchronicity or coincidences, you are inspired to go to into a book shop, while browsing a book falls on the floor with a heading or something you needed to know. Or you are inspired to go somewhere, a coffee shop, the supermarket. Or suddenly remember you have forgotten to go pick up something, and you met a person, , or found out information, that is an answer that you had been looking for. Or you have clicked on a link in an email, you end up on site that had all the information you were looking for.



  • You are sitting quietly, relaxed, you hear those quite soft whispers of thoughts flash through your mind, usually very quickly, you nearly miss them.
    Or they flick through so fast, you didn’t register what it was, and you unable to recall it. Again, this is your guides, angels giving you a message or letting you know they are with you.
    By tuning in, and asking for guidance or wisdom, you may have an idea, burst of inspiration.



  • How many times have you looked at the clock or a watch and seen 11.11 or 11.22, 11.33, these are signs from the Universe, letting you know you are on course and everything is okay.




  • Do you have something special?, 
    Like a special animal, number, picture, crystal, or you love rainbows, anything which means a lot to you. When you see them, or they are brought to mind, this is the Universe, your Angels, guides, giving confirmation that you’re heading in the right direction and everything is on track and you are okay.




  • Being aware of that small inner voice, and paying attention to it and following through, and you found things worked out for you.


  • Have you had obstacles or challenges blocking you? Applying for something, for example a job, and you missed out. When this happens, it’s not the right timing.
    Have you applied for a job, and missed out? You were so disappointed, only to discover a few weeks, or couple of months later, a far better job came available, with far better prospects, and salary. You were thankful that you missed out on the previous job.


There are many subtle ways that your guides and angels, The Universe, communicate with you. Being aware of the signs, you will know to stop and take notice of what is being shown to you,  what you are feeling, and what is happening around you. As you become more aware and in turn you will hear your own answers.


One way to start tuning into your Guides, Angels, Higher Self,  relax, focus on your breathing, breathing deeply in and out. You will find as you focus on your breath, your monkey mind stills. Or listening to your favorite piece of music all help, quieten your mind.


Once your mind has quietened down, then you will find, you will feel more rejuvenated, calmer, more peaceful, you will gain clarity and see things more clearly.


Have pen and paper ready in case you find you have a message come to you, or an idea, so you are ready to write it down. You may be surprised what you do write.


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