Stepping Up

This is about as you move forward in life, into the change you have embraced, and being ready to step up to the next level by taking responsibility for where you are at in life, your actions, decision’s and responsibilities.stepping out of your comfort zone

It’s very easy to fall into victim mode and blame everyone and everything when things go wrong in your life, you feel justified saying this happened to me because ……………..! However at the end of the day you made decisions about different aspects in your life, you chose to do whatever it is you decided to do. It may have felt good and positive or you may have felt negative about whatever your decision was.

Life is about choices and decisions, it’s how perceive these decision and choices, and how you are looking at them, either in a negative or positive vein. If you are looking at them through a negative vein you may find yourself thinking negatively, feeling the fear, doubt, and see everything as a black hole, blaming everyone who you feel is responsible for your plight. Your beliefs about different situations will kick in and you will feel justified in your thinking. Your ego kicks in with more fear and doubt, your monkey mind is chattering to you nonstop feeding and encouraging you that what you are feeling and thinking is right. The ego doesn’t like change, and so when you are on the path of change, your ego and monkey mind become very active, and you have to be diligent with your thoughts and feelings.

You may also take the other road of positive thinking and seeing the experiences you have had as good, you gained knowledge, insights, and received gifts in the experience you have had. Seen it as a learning curve and knowing how to move forward by making good choices and decision through the experience, and feel more empowered with your decisions and choices.

Here is an example of what may happen when you make the decision to take action and move yourself from feeling the victim and taking control of your life.  You have taken that first positive step and then for different reasons or circumstances things don’t happen straight away, or as fast as you hoped. The ego kicks in and starts talking to you, you start feeling the doubts, the fear, what if, your monkey mind is chattering away to you nineteen to the dozens.  You start feeling despondent, down and sad and feel back in the victim mode. You justify all this by thinking, “I knew I was right all along.”   You may decide to listen to the voice of doubt and fear, the road of least resistance, its easy, you know it, you float along, you are not happy, but you are in your comfort zone, you know how it feels, and you mistakenly think you feel safe. Through this thinking you have made a choice without even realizing it, you made it unconsciously. No one else has made this decision, you have, this is where you can step up, take responsibility, accept you made the choices and decisions.  Accept what has happen and see what gifts and insights you have learnt and how they can help you move forward. Or you can stay in the same place feeling stuck and frustrated with life.

The law of polarity relates that there is two sides to everything. Positive-negative, hot – cold, black -white, love – hate,  light – dark, up – down, happiness – sadness.  Even if you look at a thermometer you have boiling point at the top and below zero at the bottom and long that line you have varying temperatures of cold, moving into warm, warmer then hot, until it becomes boiling hot. This is how our emotions run as well, you move along the spectrum of emotions to start to feel better and to do this it starts with your thinking and then feelings.  If you don’t know what you are thinking, stop and look at what you are feeling, and you will soon discover where your thoughts have been.

One way to move yourself from feeling sad, unhappy, and feeling the victim, is ask yourself “what am I feeling?” then ask “what is the opposite to this feeling?” There is always two choices you can make positive or negative. When you are able to accept and take responsibility for your decision’s and choices you have made in life, then you have clarity and know how to move forward feeling more in control of your life and empowered.

stepping up being helped by someoneWhen you are embracing change and stepping up to the next level it does take work, being aware and open minded. Knowing when to accept help, when to ask for it, and accepting you are not able to do it on your own, and acknowledging that you require support. If you try to do it on your own, it’s a lonely road. You find you are not able to think clearly, you are consumed by your own doubts and fears, you seem to sink into the hole even deeper, you don’t know how to get out, or which way to turn.  When you have support from people who understand and encourage you, plus they are there to hold you up when you stumble, it makes stepping up to the next level so much easier, you have the sense of empowerment and strength that you can do this.


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