Stop Using A Four-Letter Word – It’s not the one you are thinking of!

Recently, I read an interesting article. It was about a ‘Four-letter’ word that you use so often, and yet it would be great idea to stop using  this word.

Believe me, It is not the one you are probably thinking of right at this particular moment.
How many times do you use the word ‘Just‘, – in an email “I am just checking in, or touching base, or just following up”.
Often you are not even aware you are using it, and often it is  used before a question, or before a statement. If you are using it in your work or business, it can undermine your credibility, plus it is not very professional.
The article suggested, this four-letter word that  you are using, can on a different level, suggests, you are handing your power away to the other person, which gives them greater levels of authority and control.
 If you look at the different statements that I have shared below, you will feel and hear the difference in the energy of these statements.
The following statements, as you read them you will see how the word ‘Just’ affects what you are saying.
“I just wanted to let you know that I checked out the report……” –
“I checked out the report” “I have checked out the report”
You will notice as you say or read the first sentence using the word ‘just‘ it is implying you are inconveniencing the other person with your statement. If you used this in an email, the person reading it is already sensing your apology for interrupting them, before they have even read the whole email.
Where the second statement is straight to the point, and direct. It’s a statement, and you are not being rude. You are getting to the point, you stated a fact, this is your job, you are doing your work.
Another point,  the article mentioned, it can be seen as detrimental when you are delegating work. It could also  undermine you and your authority.
 For eg saying “I just thought I would try something new and it just solved the problem”. This has taken your power away, and it hasn’t given you the recognition you deserve.
However, if you said, “I tried something new and it solved the problem”.
Then this is throwing new light on the subject,  it puts you, into a different light, you are feeling  confident, and receive recognition you deserve.


Now, it is very easy to check your written work, emails, or letters before sending them out, to see if you have used this four-letter word (just). If you have, you can very easily fix the text or sentence.

Its not only your written work you have to be aware of, or when you are making statements. If you are talking to someone on the phone, or in a conversation, being aware of what you are saying is still important.
Even I have caught myself using the word (just). Once you are aware, it can throw you off balance for a second. After being aware of saying the word ‘just‘, being totally aware and mindful what you are saying next.  If you are not careful, you will find it has a way of slipping back into your conversation.
The exercise I suggest, is become aware how often you use the four-letter word (just) in your written work, and how often you catch yourself saying the word (just).  Then look at ways you can stop using  the word (just)  from your  conversations  and your written work.
You will feel more in control, confident and come across sounding an authority of whatever it is you are talking about.
(If you would like to read the whole article it is in the August / September 2018 issue of Focus by Laura Tuck.
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