Rosemary came into my life when I was at a really low point with no idea of where I was heading. All I knew was that something had to change… and when I met her I felt immediately that she was the one to help me.  With her empathetic listening and coaching skills I learned to recognise why I was “stuck”, and she gave me a safe, calm place in which to deal with many life issues which were holding me back. The tools she gave me for dealing with self-doubt will serve me all my life.  With her help I was able to recognise what it is I want to do; I felt validated and courageous enough to start out on a new path.  I would recommend Rosemary to anyone who is seeking to know themselves a bit better, and who feels, as I did, uncertain of the way forward – or if, indeed that there is a way forward. Thank you so much, Rosemary.Goddard NZ

 I recently completed a coaching program with Rosemary and found it to be just what I needed to give me that extra guidance and boost, not only with my every day goings on but also in relation to my business. I call Rosemary my ‘Life and Business Coach’ as everything she taught me helped me in all areas. She had many tools in her toolbox that she shared with me and now my toolbox is overflowing! I still have my ups and downs but I now have more tools to help me no matter what. I felt that Rosemary really listened and understood where I was coming from. She is very real and down to earth and comes from a place of experience, as in her own life and business experiences. I really enjoyed my sessions and look forward to working with Rosemary again in the future! M Bartram NZ

Rosemary’s ability in guiding me through a coaching session always connects me with my inner truth. I learn so much about myself through these sessions to enable me to look at my future and where I want to be, as well as the person I want to become.  I find that she is very intuitive which also takes the coaching process to another level. I am very fortunate and grateful to have met Rosemary, her dedication and love in guiding others to discovering their own life journey is a credit to her and her work. Thank You Rosemary for being a part of my journey. J Lawrence Australia

I recently had the pleasure of doing the 7 week online course with Rosemary. This informative and inspiring course teaches you how to create the life you want. It is broadcast over the internet and takes just one hour a week. You will find you really look forward to it because where else can you learn how to  make your life just the way you want it. Get out of that boring rut doing the same things day after day and create your ideal job, relationship, type of home etc. Rosemary teaches you to look at all areas of your life and look at them very closely. Decide what you really want and definitely don’t want and then there is a formula for using the Law of Attraction to attract the fabulous life you want in an easy step by step approach. I enjoyed every bit of it, and learnt heaps. I would encourage everyone to give it a go. Rosemary is truly gifted and helps people to discover what they want and how to get it.  Don’t wait any longer – start creating these possibilities today, now.  K Knapp NZ

Rosemary is highly skilled, professional Life Coach. Her depth of knowledge, insight and gentle spirit makes her an exceptional coach. She is caring, compassionate, and I know without a doubt that she has had a positive impact on me, and will help transform lives of many people. I highly recommend Rosemary L Suva Canada

I received my course materials for the Proofreading and Editing course through NZIBS.  I am in heaven!  It is all the things I know I have a talent for, I am feeling so motivated and excited! I just felt the need to thank you so much for your help and encouragement.  This is such an “obvious” direction for me to take, but without your help I never would have realised that.  M Goddard NZ

Rosemary is a wonderful coach.  She is a very good teacher, and makes sure everyone understands what she is teaching, and takes the time to answer any queries.  She goes above and beyond her duties, helping people, and is always there for you, should you need advice,  or someone to talk things over with. She is very accurate with her “messages” she gives to people. The processes she teaches are invaluable tools to help one through life.  She helps you get to the source of your problems, sort out what you are trying to achieve/your goals,  etc, and works with you, to achieve the results.  You end up feeling more positive, happier, relaxed and peaceful, and have the tools to help you through life. I thoroughly recommend Rosemary as a Life Coach and to help you find Your True Purpose! V Reader NZ

I feel that your questions are very empowering, however I think it’s the energy that you hold lightly (empowers people to grow) and yet held firmly and with focus and clarity, that helps people get through what they need to evolve on their own. You are like a strong guiding pair of hands that are there to hold when needed and ready to let go when I am steady. K Morales Singapore

Rosemary, thank you for taking me on a journey of self discovery in recognising what had been holding me back from living the life I had always wanted and living more freely and more genuinely.   You gave me the tools to gain clarity around my fears and expectations.  Different techniques and strategies released charged emotions connected to my fears and the relief and peace afterwards has been simply amazing.  I feel more connected to the true essence of who I am and enjoy standing in my own truth more and more each day.    The strategies I have learned during our time together has given me confidence to navigate life’s ups and down with a loving hand knowing that I can positively resolve what is before me. Thanks A Dudley  NZ

Thank you for the workshop, it was a good afternoon. I personally experienced a renewed sense of passion for my goals, am more aware about my thoughts to do my goals and also just re iterated to me to continue to be grateful and thankful and to bounce good energy from myself to others and back again. I found the workshop to be helpful. I enjoyed the course, so thank you again. B Evans – NZ

Rosemary is very passionate about what she does. She taught me about the attitude of gratitude and how important it is to be grateful for what I have. I now have a “gratitude chant” that I say to myself every day. It has helped me to appreciate the things I do have rather than long for the things I can’t have. C May NZ

Thank you very much for your incredible support and guidance.  I felt your unconditional love and acceptance of me and my path.  You are so gifted at finding the right meditation for whatever is going on with me.  I came to you feeling despondent and off track and you helped me get back onto the right path and to feel supported by the Universe.  I
would highly recommend your loving life coaching to whomever needs it. Thank you so much again Rosemary.  If unlimited time and funds allowed I would love to see you every day! C Paris NZ

I get a marked increase in my vibrational frequency after a session with you. You help direct my focus to the things that are the most important for me. As a result, I am more easily guided to the right action steps to live my life more joyfully.  Konnie Lee Australia

Thank you Rosemary for the help you have given me I feel so much different now. I can see a big change in things around me, the change of energy that is with me is fantastic and enjoying it, thank you for all your help and many blessings to you. G Simmons NZ

Rosemary developed and delivered an engaging and valuable workshop. What stands out about Rosemary is that she is flexible, listens well and was able to adapt her expertise to our group’s and the individuals within the group’s needs. Her experiential approach reinforces learning and provided you with much to think about, skills to apply when back in your own workplace, or at home,  and strategies to use . Top quality and great results, High Integrity, Creative.  Thank you Rosemary.  J  Walker, NZ


I was at a stage in my life when I had experienced a lot of change and lacked direction about the future. and I found Rosemary easy to talk to, very supportive, with excellent suggestions and intuition. I have always come out of each meeting feeling inspired and motivated to achieve and create all the things in my life that I want. Rosemary teaches many skills  and I have benefitted from each of them. I am now clear about what I want to create in my life. I realise how important it is to know what my goals are, to write them down, say them out loud, and visualise them. I now have so much more direction, I know what I need to feel fulfilled and am well on the way to realising my dreams. I highly recommend coaching, and feel that everyone would benefit from working with Rosemary to love the life they live.
K Knapp NZ

Rosemary I wanted you to know that the reason you have been my coach and will continue to be my coach, is you are a turnaround person in all parts of my life. You listen without prejudice, offer suggestions (not hard wired advice that must be followed) and do both of these in a non-threatening way.  I just think you are amazing and I owe a lot of my success to you. Being the support I can lean on in times of high stress and high powered activity in my life, and the custodian of a toolbox of emergency remedies when required. Thank you. Kel Australia