The Little White Lie!

The Little White Lie!


How many times have you thought of or told a little white lie?

You think the little white lie won’t harm the person you are telling it to, and it won’t harm you.


The little white lie is really half the truth anyway, you are just putting a little lie in to soften the truth, or are you?

There is also no Little White Lie, it’s a White Lie or a lie. You many feel it is okay, because you are telling most of the truth. Except the part you are lying about which is deception, or even the smallest untruth, in the end this will not create a benefit to anyone.



Reading a quote from Neale Donald Walsch speaking about the well-intended White Lie. Reminded me of my mother saying –

always tell the truth, you always remember the truth, you never remember a lie”. That is so true.

This is something I have always lived by, and yes you can always remember the Truth.


I shared that story the other day, with some friends. One friend said “Yes!, that’s true, my father-in-law tells lies all the time. He can never remember what he said as he tells the same story.  The places and things keep changing, because he can’t remember what he said last time”.

“How many times have you been tempted or have told a White Lie, to soften the impact on someone? Thinking it won’t hurt them as much?” 


“Have you thought what impact it will have on them, and how it affects them.?”

“Have you ever thought how it’s affecting You?”

“What impact is it making on You, or them when you tell that white lie?”


Telling the truth can be very hard sometimes. Yet telling the truth, you feel a weight lift off you. You feel sense of freedom, and everyone can deal with the truth so much easier.

Yes, the truth can hurt.  yet knowing the the truth , it is easier to release the hurt, and find a way, how to move forward.


With a white lie, or lie, you are always having to be on alert, looking over your shoulder in case you get caught out.

You have watch what you say and do, creating far more stress, anxiety within you.

One lie leads to another, and so, and eventually you get caught out.


By telling the truth in first place, you may have to suffer some consequences. However after that, you are able to move forward. You have a sense of freedom, you feel less stressed and lighter.


I feel the quote below by Neale Donald Walsch, really paints a good picture. That deception or even the smallest untruth will not create a benefit in the end.

I think Neale Donald Walsch Quote explains beautifully.

..that nothing good is ever created by deception.

 Not even the smallest untruth, not even the most

well-intended “white lie,” will produce benefit in the

long run. So tell your truth as soon as you know it.

 Yes, yes, I know….”But then…but then…” So you’ll

have to decide which of the “But then’s” you want.

There will always be a “But then.” Yet shall it be one

you endure, or one you create?

 If it’s control you want, telling the truth puts you in

total control. Ever think of that?


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