The Monarch Butterfly

Many of you know the Monarch Butterfly means a lot to me. Whenever I see one it’s like

The Universe is confirming that I am on the right path or heading in the right direction.


This year behind the office we had one swan plant, plus a very young swan plant that self-seeded. We had monarch caterpillars eating them, then going into their chrysalis, then hatching into the beautiful monarch butterfly.


Everyone became interested and involved in watching them, making sure they had enough food, and then checking to see where they chose to go into their chrysalis. One of our ladies, she tended them and kept checking that there was enough food for the caterpillars. She took quite few home to their swan plants. It was also very fascinating to see where the caterpillars chose to go into hibernation, most of them chose under the wooden seat we had out the back.


I had the privilege of seeing some of those beautiful butterflies, having just hatch and were sitting on the plant drying their wings or just taking off, I seemed to be guided to go outside at the right time to see this, and it was when I required confirmation, or letting me know all was well.


While giving you the outline I felt to tune into the Monarch and see if we could get a message for those of you reading, and see what wisdom comes through for you.


How many of you have something special in your life that when you see it, it’s like confirmation for you, or a message, or you know you are heading in the right direction.


These symbols are often used by your higher self to help you move forward, because you may have missed the intuitive message that has already been given to you.


Often the intuitive guidance has been in quiet voice and you may have missed it or dismissed it. Your symbol, which could be a bird, a crystal, rock or whatever holds a special meaning for you.


When you find yourself seeing it, or eyes drawn to it then you know intuitively it is very significant for you at that

time and be open, aware and  take notice what you are feeling, emotions, thoughts etc.

This is often why many people have something special in their lives, because it holds something significant for them. It may have been an event, or a trip, or something that was very special to you at the time, and this symbol holds that energy for you.


Or when you see something beautiful like a waterfall, sunset, sunrise, or beautiful bird or animal. You go into a sense of awe and wonderment at the beauty of it all. Often you may have asked a question, or guidance and then you have this wonderful experience, and if you like me it’s often a sign for you.


Even writing this newsletter, I saw a monarch butterfly flying around outside, it was quite late in the afternoon, very strong winds, quite overcast with the feeling rain wasn’t far away. I thought its late for it to be flying around, and it kept fluttering around outside for a while, to let me know it was there and again confirmation.


Later, that evening I was listening to channel, and in this channel, they confirmed that animals’, eg birds when they appear it’s there way of giving us love, and confirmation.


In the channel I was listening, to this group were in Hawaii, and they were visiting a volcano and one of the elders was doing a special ceremony. Then this white bird flew in flew around in a circle two or three times and flew off.


The elder smiled, she knew it was a sign. She told the people that it was very special, as that breed of bird, don’t like the volcano’s or the sulpher, and they don’t fly near the volcano’s. For it to show up like it did was very significant, and nature way giving love and confirmation.


Finding that channel to me was very significant, because it was confirmation that nature has its own special way of conveying messages to us. Letting us know we are not alone, and there is a oneness with all things, and we are all connected.


Often it may be difficult to ascertain what the message is, my suggestion, is be open, alert, aware, and know it is very special. Be in a sense of awe and wonder, and see what transpires for you as you move through your life in the next few days or weeks. You may be surprised what does manifest for you.



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