The Rainbow

When people see rainbows they make you smile, many feel the joy, hope, happiness, love, good things, luck, magic, miracles, because usually a rainbow shows itself on dull or showery day.


By seeing the rainbow it lifts your spirits, like it takes you down a path of wonderland where you can imagine magical wonderful things for yourself.


I saw two rainbows however this time it was bit different. I saw one half of the rainbow arc on one side in front of me; it was beautiful however it was jaded and paling in colour. I saw it clearly and could appreciate it and had a smile on my face.


Then about 30 seconds later I glimpsed another one, this time on my other side but it was back bit, I had to lean forward to see it. When I turned the corner I really saw its vibrant colours of orange, sky blue, yellow and purple.


The rainbow was a bow however you could only see the ends, the middle was there, however it was hidden, like an invisible bridge.


Many maybe  experiencing  their routines are upset; appointments cancelled, or changed, feeling out of sorts.


They could be feeling they are at a set of cross roads and not sure which direction to go.


This appears as confusion, feeling lost, fear of failure or making the wrong decision. Fearing the obstacles and challenges that appear to be standing in their way.  They have a lack of confidence to step out towards their dream, goal or career changes.



The rainbow message is like there is a path a way forward, even though you are unable to see all the bridge. You are protected, looked after, and have the support to make your journey through life.


You may see only part of the rainbow yet there is a path which is invisible, and you unable to see all the way ahead, by having trust and believing you are being guided, supported you can move forward.


Seeing the weaker fading pale half of the rainbow is your past,  and letting go of things that are no longer working for you.


The vibrant bright colours of the second half represents your future. The vibrant part of the rainbow helps keep your eye on what you desire, what you want in life, and being open and aware of the signs and encouragement. You may be surprised what manifests into your life that you never expected which makes your heart sing.


Allow the Rainbow into your life every day, feel the sunny vibrant colours of the rainbow absorb and wash over you, releasing your troubles and making you feel lighter.


Experience the feeling of abundance the rainbow brings, creating peace, calmness, joy, hope, happiness, love, luck, magic, miracles. These emotions allow you to feel abundant, and abundance comes in many forms.


Unexpected windfalls, synchronicity’s happening, gifts, being shouted a coffee or dinner, receiving a voucher, being presented with an opportunity, the perfect place to live, the job you wanted, being open and aware to the treasures that life brings to you.


Let the magic of the rainbow start your day with a spring in your step, a smile on your face, feeling love, joy and happiness. Being patient, tolerant and compassionate towards others.


Allow the rainbow to weave its magic around you every day, and share the magic out into your world, and all who cross your path.


Sharing a smile or kind word can make all the difference in someone’s life. It may even save a person’s life, by knowing people care.


You may never know what your smile or thoughtful word means to someone.


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