Thoughts Are Things! What Are You Thinking?

I know you haven’t heard from me on regular basis lately.
Life for me is changing, and as time goes on, you may notice the newsletters may have a different theme. My own intuition, wisdom and inner guidance has increased in the last few months. I feel I am in transition, and where this journey is taking me, I am not sure yet, however you will be part of it.
The newsletters will still come through, however, you may find some weeks, I may share wisdom or guidance that I have received from Spirit or from Source. Other times, you may find I am sharing tools that may help you in your life.


Over several months and years I have also learnt, what the keys are to helping us to manifest, create lives the we want, and inspired people towards change.



What this means, that our thoughts become things. If you are thinking negatively, or thinking you are having a bad day, or curse the driver who cut you off. Don’t you notice, that things seem to get worse? You find more bad drivers in your way, or your day seems to get worse as it proceeds, because you have been focused on all the things that have been going wrong with your day.


Same thing if you are thinking positively or feeling happy and joyful. Your days seems to unfold with more good things happening, sometimes you are surprised by something unexpected, or a gift arriving. You feel happier and more at peace with yourself.


The Mistake –

 that people make, they


I was reminded of that myself today, that we often forget our thoughts create what happens in our lives.


The Second thing to Remember is GRATITUDE.

Being grateful and appreciative of everything in your life. I have spoken about this before, However it is truly important, because when you can be grateful for the good and the bad, you will find a lot more good happens.


What I mean by this, is how often have you had something unpleasant happen to you. I will tell you a summary of my story, many have heard it.


I hit rock bottom a few years back, and things looked very bleak for me. However from that experience, I found tools that helped me start putting my life back together, and bring me where I am today. I am grateful for that experience, because I learnt a lot from that experience, and it has helped me be the person I am today.


I was listening to a person earlier today, and they said they were so low at one stage in their  lives, that he was grateful for all the simple things. The sign, the chair, the  cup he use to drink from, the trees, the grass, the sun, the bed he slept in.


Recently, he had a health scare, and he said he was even grateful for that, because it helped him change the way he was living. He started eating more healthier, did more exercise, and really had a change of lifestyle. Which he is feeling so much better and  even received the ‘A Okay’ which made him doubly grateful.


When you become grateful for what you already have in your life, you will feel happier, and attract more good things in your life. However, what happens to many,  they are focused on what they don’t have in their lives, and whats lacking in their life, and  feeling the victim, not good enough, or not worthy.


I do suggest writing a gratitude dairy every day, and listing different things you are grateful for, it helps on those days you do get down. You can read it and realize you do have so much to be grateful for.


Some verbalize, what they are grateful for, and list all the things they are grateful for, and that works as well for many.


Others have a rock often called a gratitude rock, which they carry in their pocket. Every time they touch it, hold it, they choose to say what they are grateful for. It also reminds them to be grateful for that moment in time. You can also have it by your bed,  and last thing at night or first thing in the morning holding it,  and saying what you are grateful for the day that has finished, or the one starting.


Many people forget to be grateful, and it is one of the keys to manifesting what you desire in your life. When you appreciate what you already have in your life, more good things, opportunities, gifts, ideas, thoughts are attracted to you.
Why not test it for a week or two and see what transpires. Also what if you became mindful of your thoughts, and when you catch yourself thinking negatively. Say stop, and look at the opposite, and ask yourself,  “what you do want?”, get clarity what you would like to experience.  Then put that intention out.
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