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This week I am sharing a tip called the Success Journal and how to let go of the negative emotions that surface from time to time.A Success Journal is where you write all your triumphs, successes, wins, what you have achieved, and any goals that have happened. In other words, all the good things that you have attracted into your life, regardless how big or small they are. Talking to a friend “they commented that they had forgotten a lot of the good things that had come into their life”. They had recorded them in a dairy, however as they said, “how many dairies do you go through to discover what good things have happened?”celebrate your success and find humor in failursWith the success journal you have them all recorded in one place.What if you started today and recorded all the triumphs, gifts, successes and things that you have achieved or done in your life, in the last couple of months. The reason for the Success Journal, is on those days that you feel down, spirits are low, or you are feeling alone or lost, or feeling nothing ever works for me.  You can sit down and read your Success Journal, and see all the good things you have attracted into your life over the past weeks or months. You do have down times in life, where the emotion or feelings of pain, hurt, sadness, and anger rises. One way to help release and let go of these feelings is allow the emotion to grow. Really feel the pain, and talk to it, by allowing it to have it say, by asking “where do you come from? What do you want to protect me from? When were you created?”  Hear the answer and acknowledge it. You may feel it requires more questions, then ask them. Allow the feeling to keep growing and feeling it, by giving t permission to be released and allowing to pass through. By allowing it to float through you will come through to the other side so much quicker, and it will be gone.quote  i choose to be unstoppable

Many people keep pushing or suppressing these emotions down, and wonder why they still keep feeling sad, hurt or why more painful experiences happen to them. By suppressing the emotions, the emotions go quiet for a while, however they are festering away and getting stronger. Like all suppressed things, there comes a time where they have to explode, and a lot of harm can come from the explosion.  It can leave people reeling and wondering where did that spring from.

Being aware of your thoughts, feelings, emotions you are in a far better place to handle the negative feelings in a positive way. Then having your success journal to read, this allows you to remember all the good things that you have achieved. By focusing on your wins, triumphs, this creates good memories, feelings of joy, happiness, and puts you in a space of feeling more positive and counting all your rainbows that you have in your life.

count your rainbows not your thunderstorms


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