‘Two Words’ – That Can Create or Sabotage Your Life!

I am - free to dance etcThis is a reminder about our language, and how our words can undo all our good intentions, and how one affirmation can either create or sabotage your life.

So, what do I mean about language? I am speaking about your words, that you voice verbally and you are thinking. Have you noticed that when someone makes a statement to you or in a group, how the others come up with similar statements.  For instance, if someone said “I hate driving” then someone else in the group may respond by saying how they hate driving, or how they hate something else.

I had prime examples of this walking down the street. I heard someone speak about a particular swimming pool, the other person responded “I hate that swimming pool”. I stopped and thought “how could I reframe that?”  Another example was someone commented about driving, this other person said “I hate driving” – again I thought “how could I reframe that?”, I responded in my mind “I love driving especially on the open road.”  “I hate school” “I hate the work”

When you catch yourself saying something negative like “I should do this”, or “I hate that”, stop and reframe your sentence to be more positive. Become more aware of what you are actually saying, and you may be surprised how many times you voice a negative statement without even realizing it.   Being aware of the language you are speaking, and reframing the words, when you catch yourself saying something negative, and reframing them into a positive statement, you are then creating a positive energy and vibration within you.

I amThe statement I Am – is a very powerful affirmation, it can create your desires or it can sabotage your desires. For instance, if you said “I Am now ready for a fulfilling loving relationship” that is a positive affirmation it creates a joyous feeling within you. “I am now a gymnast” again you can see yourself winning events or even being at the Olympics and receiving a medal.

However, what if you said “I am always late for work” you have a created a negative affirmation, and you may notice many things happening every day stopping you getting to work on time.

“I am always sick” “I am poor” – the same thing, you are creating a belief an affirmation that you attract more illness to you, or you find you never seem to have enough money.

i am  two powerful words“I Am” is a very powerful affirmation, be aware of your words, when you speak those two words “I am”, and be sure you are speaking them in a positive way to attract more positive things into your life. “I am healthy” “I am prosperous” “I am abundant” “I am loved” “I am appreciative” “I am full of joy” “I am happy” Learning to say positive statements about yourself and your life, you will start to notice many positive things start happening in your life. It can be quite magical what shows up in your life and how it changes the way you start feeling good and enjoying your life.

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